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woman looking up cropped w wordsLife is PRECIOUS.  It’s too precious to waste another second feeling unhappy or resentful.  Our kids grow too fast to let anymore moments slip away and our marriages can last forever, let’s create happily ever after NOW.  Sign up for my FREE video series or  start working with me right away to create change in your life and start living happily now.

Whether we work PRIVATELY or in a GROUP, we’ll work together to identify, address and eliminate baggage from the past that weighs you down in the present so you can create joy, happiness and fulfillment now and in the future.  If you choose and independent study course, find someone to be accountable to, REALLY invest in yourself.

Live Happy Now Powerpack :

*Live Happy Now Workbook    

*5 Audios to go with the Workbook     

*5 ONE ON ONE sessions

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I’ve compared this to other courses like it and THIS is a REALLY great value!!!

1,000.00  449.99

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Independent Intensive Course

Included in this 10 part Intensive course:

*PDF workbook,

*5 MP3 Downloads

135  97.99

Live Happy Now Independent Study Handbook

This is the work-at-your-own-pace, Do-It-Yourself course. Included is a 10-part guide to personal happiness and relationship enrichment.  It’s the same workbook as the Live Happy Now Course, without the recordings. One of the greatest keys to lasting and permanent change is asking the right questions! In this course you will receive powerful questions, designed to help you see the truth about yourself and others to help you clear blocks and LIVE HAPPY NOW!

NOW is the time to THRIVE!




Monthly Group Coaching

Group coaching is an amazing way for me to provide high value content for a lower price.  I have thoroughly enjoyed group coaching and have been a recipient of the benefits. Come prepared to get help.

I participate in a couple different groups like this, myself, and I am amazed that even when I am listening as others are coached I gain what I need from it.

An hour for less than half the price! COMING SOON!!!!!!!

35.97/ Month This one is a subscription. Your first month is a trial period for only $15.  You have 1 month from sign up to cancel without further charge….You’re Welcome. :)OrangeGloss-Sqr-150x50-BuyNow

10 Days Liberating Change (Breaking Through Fear)

This is a BEGINNER course in changing your mindset toward life and your experiences.  It teaches you basic principles for releasing guilt and increasing light, love and joy in your life.
  • 10 Days of Articles
  • 10 PDF’s
  • 5 MP3 Downloadable Recordings


Breaking Through Fear ~ Thriving While Surviving

These two booklets are designed to help you think differently about life and train your brain to find joy in every situation and solutions to every problem.  This is a step by step process to move from fear to courage and from anger to love.