Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Imperfection is One of God's Greatest Tools

My imperfection is one of God's greatest tools. My imperfections are often the very things that lead me to the people and situations I need to be in and experience to be of service to God. My imperfections are only there to serve me and others, to bring me to the places I need to go, and to reflect to others their same imperfections. I get to let them go as soon as they are in my way enough for me to want to and as soon as it is wisdom in God to remove them.The key always seems to be in becoming willing, willing to completely and fully accept God's will for me. Some people are drawn to me BY my imperfections, yes others are repelled, but sometimes I think God lets me keep them because they are still useful in His purpose for me. So, I get to be grateful for the times things don't work out the way I want despite my BEST efforts, I get to be grateful for that character trait that I've begged God to remove from me, because He would if I/He were done with it. I get to continue to do my best and trust that God's purpose for me is better than my own and let go of blame and frustration over things not going as I planned, they are going as God planned. I get to be grateful and forget about how these imperfections make me look to others, it is none of my business what others think, even about me. I get to be grateful that when I turn to God for His opinion of me, there is always love and acceptance. When I do my best, there is absolute assurance for me that whatever came to be was meant to be.


Liz King Bradley
Life and Relationship Coach
Creator of Live Happy Now and Loveblock Breakthrough Programs
Public Speaker

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