Saturday, May 28, 2011

Set Back, Jumps Forward, Being Me

Set Back:   So, I love my last post because it helped me out of a slump.  Somehow I managed to forget  what I wrote and got into a place of being really angry that the job that is taking us to this new place is not the one we had hoped for.  Waste.of.time!

 So, Jumps Ahead: the slump just gave me that much more motivation to live  with more discipline and commitment to the principles I believe in, principles of faith, trust in God, acceptance, receptivity, love, and accountability.  When I allow all these principles to work in unity in my life my life runs smoothly, even when there's bumps in my planned road.  I can be at peace and filled with love in any circumstance if I keep my heart open to God's will and trust in Him while I take responsibility for my part in it.  The worst part of slipping into a lower version of myself is how I want to blame others around me and lash out at them.  I am still learning more everyday about how to support myself and be accountable, and also let others have their accountability too.  The most important thing I've learned is that when my burden is too heavy it is because I am carrying some that isn't mine and that when I try to make another person responsible for my happiness I give them one that is not theirs.  When that happens, the blame fest begins! So from now on, that is my question to myself, "Who am I making responsible for my happiness?  Is that why I'm so angry?", "Who is REALLY responsible for this?" (Hello! it's me!)  It's awesome to be accountable, it's a powerful place to be.  Making others accountable for my life and happiness makes me helpless because I cannot control another person.  Taking my responsibilities makes me powerful, and when myself is too much to handle, God is always there to help.  The key seems to be for me to stay in a place of trust with God, that makes the accountability easy, what can overpower me when God is my power?   I am so grateful for friends and family over the years who have reminded me that God is in control, that -whatever is happening- God is in it and it is for my best good and that because God planned it He is in it with me.

Being Me:  Who am I?  When I forget that I am God's daughter and not His counsellor I get into a place of pride.  I'm not talking about confidence and self-worth, I'm talking about that counterfeit that says I'm so great and so powerful that I know better than God.  When I rail against "what is" I am trying to counsel God. I know that He knows what is best for me and more than that would not allow me to suffer ANYTHING that wasn't absolutely necessary for my growth.  When I remember that, I feel His support in my "life lessons" and comfort in my sorrow, and I ask productive questions like "What am I to do first(now)?", "What do I need to learn?", "Who do I need to seek out?", etc.  When I remember I am God's daughter and that His love for me surpasses my understanding I am filled with worth, value, joy, peace, confidence, and willingness to face with optimism (or at least acceptance with hope) whatever the next direction is in my path.

I'm so grateful to be me and to know who that is.  I'm so grateful you are you. Today, I am grateful for the privilege of participation in life as God has planned it.


Liz King Bradley
Awakening Coach

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