Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thriving in a "Crisis"

1. It is only a crisis when I believe it is.
2.  Asking  questions about what I can learn, or what is the first step is critical.
3.  Focusing thoughts on the desired outcome leads to solutions, focussing on the problems leads to more problems.
4.  Taking a deep breath and reminding myself of the power I have to choose and create goes a long way in finding solutions and being happy throughout the process.
5. My ability to think openly and creatively is key to generating added income when needed.
6.  It is vital to know strengths, talents and other resources to find ways to make them pay.
7.  None of the above matters if I don't have faith in a loving God who provides all things for you.
8.  Gratitude opens the doors to the necessary faith and the openness of the mind to get the ideas I need to create solutions.
9.   Willingness to let go of all preconceived ideas about life and your path in it is an absolutely critical component in your ability live peacefully in the present and believe in a good future.
10.  Knowing that you are the child of a powerful creator gives you peace of mind and power to create what you need. (If I am the child of a creator, I can create too, and He will help me.)
11.  If you're angry at God, the best person to tell is Him, He understands, and will give you the peace, love and reassurance you need to forgive Him, or to see more clearly what He has done FOR you.
12.  The best friend to have in a crisis is the one who will kindly remind you what you have and help you build on that.
13.  The most useless waste at any time, but especially in a "crisis", is trying to find out whose fault it is.  Placing blame doesn't fix any problems it destroys relationships, and the relationships are the best asset anyone has.
14.  Deciding what you want is the hardest part, once you know that you take it to God and it's not always the way you want, but it comes out for the best, and your willingness to follow makes it easy.
15.  Some say the way to Hell is paved with good intentions, but the other way is through no intentions at all. Failure to achieve what you desire is less torture than wandering aimlessly because you have no desire at all.
16.  God is VERY patient, way more patient than me. :)
17.  The limit to what you can do is determined by your willingness to allow yourself to do it and to receive help.

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