Saturday, August 6, 2011

Taking Accountability: I Create My Life

I create my life starting with my beliefs.  Out of my beliefs come all my thoughts, actions, words, and feelings.  All of these are the tools I create my life with, but it begins with belief.  The key to changing our lives is in identifying what we believe, not what we think we believe, what we really believe.  Your circumstances and the things people say or do to you that trigger strong emotion are a mirror to your own beliefs.  When we stand in power and light our creations are unstoppable, but our broken or false beliefs about life, ourselves, and God block us from receiving all that we want and/or need to succeed in our passion and purpose....or even just getting through the day without yelling at the kids! :P  When we stand in light we stop trying to get what we want and need from others, we see ourselves and others as the unlimited creators we are and we can move through life in confidence and faith because we see the truth that there is a gigantic safety net of mercy and grace in this universe and that despite all the worrying we've done things really do work out.  I am amazed when I stand in light how I can see that I am where I need to be and there is no room for blame or resentment because I truly do have all I need and part of that came from the things I experienced that were hard at the time.  Whatever we want from others we need to give to ourselves.  No amount of love and acceptance from another person can ever fill in a hole created by not accepting and loving ourselves.  When we love and accept ourselves we create the "bucket" that holds the love and acceptance from others.  When we don't create that love for ourselves it won't matter how much we are given, there is no place to keep it, and people will pull away because they can feel you are taking and taking and taking from them. I invite you to STOP TAKING FROM OTHERS WHAT YOU NEED TO GIVE YOURSELF!  I invite you to look at yourself everytime you want approval from someone else and say, " I accept and love myself, just as I am."  There is incredible power in that statement, the love that comes from self is the sweetest. Create what you want and love, love, love yourself.

Liz King Bradley
Belief Breakthrough and Energy Coach