Monday, October 31, 2011

Trusting in Christ to Light The Way

  I have used the phrase "stand in light" many times in this blog and other places.  What do I mean by stand in light?  I mean trust in Christ and believe in ourselves and the gifts God has given us while seeking with wholeness of heart to do His will.  Standing in light means I am thinking, speaking, and acting in complete harmony with who I really am as a Daughter of God.  I'm profoundly grateful for the sisters I have who took me aside and shared with me their experiences about their own divine nature.  As they shared with me the sacred truth in them it awakened the sacred truth in me and stayed with me.  I am also grateful for the people who tried to tell me I was anything less than amazing.  Through them I confronted my deepest fears and doubts in myself and grew into God's picture of me as I turned to Him for solace, peace and affirmation of identity.  There are times we are so lost in our own crap that only God remembers who we really are.  While the truth lies within us, only God can open the door, pull up the shades and give us a skylight to see the brilliance that lies within.  People in our lives who mirror to us the yuckiness we hold onto that is NOT us, but is ON us give us the opportunity to identify the baggage and push it off. However the sacred relationships are the ones that ignite the light that dissolves the darkness.  Some of these sacred relationships in my life are my sisters: Laura King Gilson, Malinda King Minniear, Jennifer King Barton, Ginny King, Rebecca Pihlajisto and my brothers: Spencer King, Matt King, and Joseph King. I am grateful for these sacred relationships.  I am grateful for those that have challenged me and shown me my darkness, but I would not seek out that kind of friction for consistent interactions. :P  My sisters have often lovingly, but plainly spoken truth to me that could have been hard to hear- and was at times- and I have chosen never to complain to them about it because I saw that it helped me.  They have also been the ones to share space with me into the wee hours of the morning talking about their sacred experiences of knowing who they are. I'm grateful for sisters that stand in light and share it with me, from them I learned to see my own and learn to stand in it-in Christ.

Find the Truth in YOU!


Liz King Bradley
Energy Coach and Speaker for Finding the Truth in YOU!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Women Don’t Matter Once They Become Mothers?

I have looked at women I knew before ever having kids and while they were pregnant with their first and wondered, “Why did she stop taking care of herself?”  "Why did I stop taking care of myself?" Today as I pondered this it hit me.  Some of us take the will and desire to take care of ourselves and the value we place in ourselves and shift all of it to our kids.  The beautiful child who we carried and brought into the world in companionship with God and our husbands is so full of beauty and promise and worth and we fall in love with them.  Ladies, they do not need YOUR worth, they have their own.  As you care for yourself your children will see that there is honor, beauty and value in mothers.  From the time they are born they are watching.  Their subconscious mind is taking in all the messages we send, their conscious mind is not developed and does not filter it.  When we fail to take care of ourselves and only get dressed up to leave, we send two messages:  “I am not important enough to take care of." and "What is happening outside the home is more important that what happens in it."  We may wonder why so many young women doubt their own value and worth and then grow up to downgrade their value as mothers and of motherhood, the answer is staring us in the face every day that we don’t take care of ourselves including our appearance.  The temple in the old testament was beautiful and ornate and great attention was paid to every detail, God cares about our appearance because our bodies are the temple to house His Spirit.  Am I saying we need to try to look like somebody on a magazine? No.  I’m saying we need to look in the mirror recognize that we are Divine Daughters of a living and loving God and give ourselves the love, attention and time we give to our children.  Our bodies are our vehicles in this life and the bodies we will get to have after we are resurrected, let’s treat them with respect and love and show God and our children that MOTHERS and MOTHERHOOD MATTER!
Liz King Bradley
Energy Coach and Speaker for Finding the Truth in YOU!

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I Am A Daughter of a King and I Already Live in My Palace

  Tonight I read "Daughter of a King" by Rachel Ann Nunes.  In the end she goes to live with her father in a crystal palace.  I told my kids that if the story continued she would speak with the king and he would show her the ways he had been there with her all along, and she would recognize the helpers he sent and the gifts he had given to make her life and her family's comfortable and happy.  Then I realised and told my kids that what's important is not only will we live with The King, we already live in a palace, built especially for us by The King, only this palace can sing, laugh, dance, run, eat, hear, read, write, etc.  I wept as I felt and saw the reality of this!  I reminded them that the King visits his palace and speaks with us, and that we get to have his spirit to be with us.  I let them know that at the store I had many things I wanted to buy, but I chose this book because more than anything I want them to know that they are sons and daughters of a King and that He can be with them.  Is there room in your palace for the King?

Liz King Bradley
Energy Coach and Speaker for Finding the truth in YOU!

Mothers, ARISE!

  This is the typical tasklist of most moms: make meals, play chauffeur, clean house, do laundry, help with homework, attend church groups and take children to church groups, say prayers, read scriptures, try to spend a little time with each child (yeah right), be nice to spouse, make it through the day (and that's not even taking into account any business you've got going).  Does this sound familiar?  We think if we do all this we are good moms, and we wonder why we feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled.  Mothers, take back your power! It's yours and you give it away. (I can hear some of you: What's she talking about???)  Picture your life if your list looked more like this:
Create a home that is a sanctuary for my family,
Create experiences that will help my children know who they are and connect to God
Create time and space to interact and be fully present with my children
Create something in my professional life that will bring myself and others closer to Christ
Create a deeply loving and passionate relationship with my Husband, whom I love deeply and want to connect with.
Have your tools for creation become a list of "To Do's"?  There is a difference between making it through the day and creating what you want in each day just like there's a difference between PRAYING and saying a prayer.  If I'm not intentionally speaking to connect with God and seek His will for me and the power to carry it out, I might as well be reciting a novel.  Even those who say the same prayers all the time can say them with pure intent and reap the rewards of it. Let's look at "Our Father", or "The Lord's Prayer". 
Matthew 6:9-13:
 9.......... Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
 10 Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
 11 Give us this day our daily bread.
 12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
 13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.
      In my church there are not many prayers repeated the same way, we believe more sincerity comes from composing prayers from the desires of our hearts.....but sometimes those prayers seem to be the same ideas with different words, and not very thought out.  In contrast I have been in church with my friend or in her home and felt the sincerity of her heart, almost as if I could feel her soul and the pure desire she had to be like Christ and live with Him as she prayed words she had spoken probably a thousand times.  It is less about the repetition and more about the intention and heart put into it. I encourage you to look up "The Lord's Prayer" performed by Andrea Bocceli.  Such beauty in music speaks to my heart and pulls forth the desires I have to be with God, to trust in Christ, do His will, and to extol his majesty and glory FOREVER. Arise and live your life in meaning and truth and beauty.  Question the purpose and the meaning behind your actions, remember the "Why".  We are not raising children to participate in a social organization like cogs in a machine, but to be living, breathing, individuals who desire more than anything to be with God because they have felt his influence and it is SWEET!  We are not staying married to fulfill a social norm or because it is proven to be the best environment for child-rearing, we are creating a relationship that will stand the test of time and last in eternity in peace, love, enthusiasm, and joy.  In our professions we are strategically placed to touch the lives of others with the light that radiates from us as we live out the truth of our BEING.  I am a daughter of God, so are you. Stop living life like your saying a prayer and start living as if life IS your PRAYER.  Arise and take up the power and light that is yours if you chose it.  Stand up in your place and take up your passion and stand amazed at what God can do through you.

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Live a Prayer,
Liz King Bradley

Energy Coach and Speaker for Finding the truth in YOU!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Know Who I Am, DO YOU?

     For about a week I was very angry at my husband.  We were recently separated, and I was contemplating divorce.  The separation was a vehicle for a lot of myself.  I think he changed too, but what matters is that it changed me.  When we reunited I was afraid that I would relapse into old behaviors and beliefs.  Guess what??  I DID!  There are two principles at work here, one is that fear is faith in what we don't want and faith is POWERFUL!  I had so much faith in my failure I created it.  The other principle is that I am the only one responsible for my beliefs and behaviors.  There is no way anyone else can change my beliefs and behaviors without my permission.  I was angry at my husband for misunderstanding me and misrepresenting me to others, but what I was asking him to provide for me was my identity. WOW! Seriously? Yeah.  I was expecting him to tell me who I am.  It's hard enough sometimes to know who we are let alone to tell someone else who they are.  There are basic things, like being children of God, etc.,  but as far as the intricate details of the divine characteristics we possess and our inner selves?  No-one but God can give us that picture, and we have to seek it for ourselves.  Once again, when I stopped expecting him to give me what I already have, and what I can give to myself I could love him freely and I could live free.

A while back I took the time to write down the signs of self-betrayal so I could recognize them more quickly and avoid spreading around the poison I felt inside by turning inward to my heart and to God.  When I catch myself in justification, it is clear that I am not happy with my choices.  Do you ever find yourself arguing with yourself?  these kind of arguments are often "in preparation" for being confronted by someone. Well, when that happens the joke is on us because WE ARE THE ONLY ONES TALKING!  Only one who is accused has a reason to justify themselves, and WE are our accusers.

In the 12-step program (alcaholics Annonymous) , originally started for the recovery of alcaholics I learned a tip: Question your motives.  As Byron Katy says, "Is it true?"  I may feel alone, rejected, wronged, or ashamed, but I might be wrong.  Those kinds of feelings can lie, and usually do.  The truth s that life ALWAYS gives back to us what we feed it with our actions, words, thoughts and beliefs.  The scriptures and other sources have beckoned us for the whole of the earth's life to use our thoughts productively in FAITH.  Faith is the assumption that something is happening, or is true. Faith doesn't just desire, it believes, even knows something.  In our lives be become our own personal prophets when be use our thoughts, feelings and beliefs on purpose--or consciously.  I recently found a page and a half of writing, statements of gratitude and I found that all of what I wrote on that page came to be.  These were statements of things that I desired at the time, the statement of gratitude was the greatest manifestation and reinforcement of my true belief that God would bring into my life all that was necessary for me to become and receive all I desired that was good, incidentally I'm writing more careful this time because some of the wording brought some pain as well.  God brings into our lives the things that we really want so we can decide more surely what we want.  Sometimes getting what we want and finding that we don't really want it helps us narrow our vision to what's most important to us.
     Another sign that we are betraying ourselves is emotions or attitudes that tend toward accusations.  Are we making accusations?  What are we the most angry about?  The characteristic we see in others that triggers the most emotion in us is the characteristic we embody and despise.  Another question to ask here is, "Am I seeking faults in them because I have behaved below my true self to them?  Am I looking for faults in others to avoid looking at myself?
     When we experience pain or discomfort it is because we believe a lie, or that we believe a lie about something.   Although some pain comes from adjustment to something we assumed to be one way being another, as in the death of a loved one.  Although, even in that many times the pain is in regrets, or believing the lie that death is the end.  When someone says something derogatory about us it is only painful when we believe it is true.  For years I resented someone who told me I was not a good mom.  I become free from this the day I realized it hurt because I felt like I wasn't a good mom. For some reason it is really common for parents to rely on others to tell them they are good, and when someone doesn't it devastating.  Other people's actions are only powerful to the extent we rely on them for our own self-worth.  Do I believe a lie?  Do I need someone else to "make me feel good"?  CAN someone else make me feel good?
     When I'm angry, bitter, resentful, or self-pittying it is a sure sign that I am betraying myself.  The truth I have noticed is that the day I cannot seem to be nice to anyone is the day I am not living up to the truth in me, or the truth God has given me.  This played out in recent years as I tried to run, like Jonah, from the promptings of my Heavenly Father to help and teach others the things He's taught me that have brought me peace, joy, freedom, and healing.  I was well-meaning, I thought I was staying true to principles I believed in, but I was using those principles to stay in my comfort zone and not risk rejection from others.

Nietzche wrote: "When we despise ourselves, we love the despisers in ourselves."  Emotions , repetition and time are currency.  The more time and emotions we put into things the bigger and stronger they get.  Our thoughts actually get implanted to our subconscious through emotions and repetition, our subconscious mind is constantly sending out signals of what we want and who we are. Do we want to feed the darkness in us or the light?  The ultimate battle is over darkness and light-good and evil-God and the Devil.  Which one will thrive and survive?  The one we feed.  The answer is not to run from the darkness, but to confront it with light.  We cannot overcome darkness by pretending it is not there, when we do that our darkness (or weakness) will surface, and usually when we least expect it and when it can do us the most harm.  We confront darkness by facing it, conquering it with truth and replacing it with light.  Truth is light, but light comes from a source and that source is Christ.  When we confront the darkness in us it is most perfectly healed when we then take it to Him and offer it up.  In exchange He gives us peace, light. and the strength-if we chose it-to change.  The concept of grace is the power Christ gives us to replace our weakness with His perfection.  His strength becomes ours as we "plug in" to it through acceptance of truth and living that truth.
     I have the power to change my life by choosing WHO I believe.

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Liz King Bradley

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Security, Prosperity, Peace of Mind

Whether I have $10,000 or $00000 in the bank my ability to thrive and the security of my family is the same.  The source of my wealth and happiness is not in how much money I have, but in how much there is in me to give, and how willing I am to follow the instructions of divine guidance.  Each of us have experience and abilities that others do not, there is an exchange available to create means when we seek to meet the needs of others.  Security and prosperity are found in our ability to recognize the needs people have and match them with the gifts we have to offer.  As we meet their needs, they in turn meet ours it's a beautiful give and take.
 I believe God never places us in any situation we cannot handle and there is no situation he cannot help us succeed in.  Through various experiences in my life I have learned that I always have what I need to do all that is necessary as long as I'm willing to trust in God and obey.  When I remain calm and ask the right questions I always find what I need.  Some of the right questions are:  What lesson is this experience meant to teach me? ,  Who am I to serve?  What am I to do now?  What do I already have that will help me solve this problem?  Who can I call upon who can help me through this?  Sometimes the very reason we find ourselves in difficulty is that it may cause us to connect to someone who can help us, and who also needs what we have in return.  Recently a friend called me in need of help with her computer.  While I do not possess the necessary knowledge or skills to fix it, I did know of someone who could.  I made a phone call to get her the necessary help and the person I called said they were meaning to call me to help them with something.  The help they needed was to help me.  It worked out beautifully.
Whatever situation we find ourselves in is exactly the one we need to grow and to serve others. Sometimes we serve others by asking for their help, sometimes we serve others by offering what we have in exchange for what they have.
The key to peace of mind in any situation is trust in God.  It is trust in God and in his mindfulness of ourselves and our situation gives us the power and ability to see the good in any situation, to remain calm and ask productive questions.  When we know that God is on our side, there is NO room for fear.  Here's the hard truth, I can say it because I've had to face it before,  if you are full of fear, you don't really trust in God.  The truth is that if we are truly full of faith and trust in God, there is NO ROOM for fear.   We live a life of learning with a perfect safety net always there to protect us, we are always supported.  Peace of mind comes from knowing God, and knowing who we are in relationship to Him.  Just as we would never allow our children to go through pain one second longer than necessary, he wouldn't either.
Whatever pain we're in serves a purpose or we wouldn't have it.  That pain can come in the form of financial stress, past abuse issues, etc. and the answer to all pain is in trusting and turning to God for healing through Christ.  I know that Christ stands ready in anticipation to heal our pain and carry away all our grief when we love light and peace more than we love the excuses we've been using from our pain.  We all feel good talking about faith and trust in God, we feel good when we bear witness of Christ. We feel good because these are eternal truths, we live well when we embody and embrace these truths.  When we partake in the sacrament or communion we symbolically partake of Christ, he becomes part of us.  Better than just something we put on, God gave us symbols that become a part of us.  When I took upon me the name of Christ through baptism I took upon myself the responsibility to stand as a witness for him and also the blessing of the removal of all my sins/sufferings past, present, and future. In taking upon me his name I can take upon myself his perfection when I choose to let go of fear, resentment, blame, and guilt. I chose to let it go because Christ has made me perfect in Him and I chose to accept that gift.  Do I slip up?  ABSOLUTELY, but it is not a final condition because of the atonement Christ made for me.  He suffered for all, so we don't have to suffer.  Pain will occur, mistakes will be made, but because of His sacrifice all can be made pure.  Security, prosperity, and peace of mind are in God through his Son, Jesus Christ.

Liz King Bradley

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How Great is Grief

So, it's been a while.  The death of my brother and the depth and magnitude of emotions I've experienced have made some of what I was passionate about before seem a little....trite.  What I really want to communicate to everyone who reads my thoughts is the need for more light in each of our lives, in our relationships.  The words at my disposal seem to pale in comparison to how I feel them and perceive them, but I'm going to attempt it here.  In "the end" what really matters is the answer to this simple question "Will you embrace the light and all it has to offer, or the darkness and all it SAYS it has to offer?"  That's it, that's all there really is, do we chose darkness and all that goes with it, or light and all that comes with it.  No matter the religion, philosophy or ideology it comes down to what we chose to embrace, what we are in harmony or unity with.  What do we seek to fill our lives with:  love, light, faith, compassion, forgiveness, charity, and hope or resentment, blame, fear, darkness, selfishness, despair, and suffering?  What are our true motives?  What is our true intention?  What direction are we headed in?  Whom are we really serving?  Why do we do what we do?  Does it really matter?  Does what I do each day contribute to the well-being of the human family as a whole?  Does it really matter if others buy into what I sell (because what I sell is really bringing them closer to light, love, faith, hope, charity, peace, comfort, joy, compassion, and truth)?  Is what I promote truly going to benefit others in some valuable way?  Am I giving them the tiniest part of myself that I possibly can because as long as no-one sees the real me they can only reject a facade?  Am I using the gifts that God gave me to my fullest capacity, or am I hiding because I fear the rejection or condemnation of my peers?  These are the questions I've been pondering, they are the ones that I find truly matter when faced with the question of mortality from a place of accountability. I get to add to my repetoir of skills learned and mastered in life school, the gift of Grieving to Learn and being able to guide others through it too.  How great is God to be able to turn death into a life-giving experience?  How great is God?

Liz King Bradley
Coach for Grieving and Abuse and Depression Recovery

Sunday, October 9, 2011


     I was thinking about the concept of grace, mercy and justice today.  Grace, that beautiful gift bestowed on all of us, created by the atonement and distributed by God's love and mercy to those who simply let go of  dark and limiting beliefs and embrace all the beauty that is offered to them.  When I think of living in grace it is like living in a shield of light that protects and guides while sanctifying and comforting.  There is a protection that says, "Your best is enough, your past is forgiven, and your future is safe."  There is a freedom from fear and a feeling of safety as I consider