Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How Great is Grief

So, it's been a while.  The death of my brother and the depth and magnitude of emotions I've experienced have made some of what I was passionate about before seem a little....trite.  What I really want to communicate to everyone who reads my thoughts is the need for more light in each of our lives, in our relationships.  The words at my disposal seem to pale in comparison to how I feel them and perceive them, but I'm going to attempt it here.  In "the end" what really matters is the answer to this simple question "Will you embrace the light and all it has to offer, or the darkness and all it SAYS it has to offer?"  That's it, that's all there really is, do we chose darkness and all that goes with it, or light and all that comes with it.  No matter the religion, philosophy or ideology it comes down to what we chose to embrace, what we are in harmony or unity with.  What do we seek to fill our lives with:  love, light, faith, compassion, forgiveness, charity, and hope or resentment, blame, fear, darkness, selfishness, despair, and suffering?  What are our true motives?  What is our true intention?  What direction are we headed in?  Whom are we really serving?  Why do we do what we do?  Does it really matter?  Does what I do each day contribute to the well-being of the human family as a whole?  Does it really matter if others buy into what I sell (because what I sell is really bringing them closer to light, love, faith, hope, charity, peace, comfort, joy, compassion, and truth)?  Is what I promote truly going to benefit others in some valuable way?  Am I giving them the tiniest part of myself that I possibly can because as long as no-one sees the real me they can only reject a facade?  Am I using the gifts that God gave me to my fullest capacity, or am I hiding because I fear the rejection or condemnation of my peers?  These are the questions I've been pondering, they are the ones that I find truly matter when faced with the question of mortality from a place of accountability. I get to add to my repetoir of skills learned and mastered in life school, the gift of Grieving to Learn and being able to guide others through it too.  How great is God to be able to turn death into a life-giving experience?  How great is God?

Liz King Bradley
Coach for Grieving and Abuse and Depression Recovery

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