Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Security, Prosperity, Peace of Mind

Whether I have $10,000 or $00000 in the bank my ability to thrive and the security of my family is the same.  The source of my wealth and happiness is not in how much money I have, but in how much there is in me to give, and how willing I am to follow the instructions of divine guidance.  Each of us have experience and abilities that others do not, there is an exchange available to create means when we seek to meet the needs of others.  Security and prosperity are found in our ability to recognize the needs people have and match them with the gifts we have to offer.  As we meet their needs, they in turn meet ours it's a beautiful give and take.
 I believe God never places us in any situation we cannot handle and there is no situation he cannot help us succeed in.  Through various experiences in my life I have learned that I always have what I need to do all that is necessary as long as I'm willing to trust in God and obey.  When I remain calm and ask the right questions I always find what I need.  Some of the right questions are:  What lesson is this experience meant to teach me? ,  Who am I to serve?  What am I to do now?  What do I already have that will help me solve this problem?  Who can I call upon who can help me through this?  Sometimes the very reason we find ourselves in difficulty is that it may cause us to connect to someone who can help us, and who also needs what we have in return.  Recently a friend called me in need of help with her computer.  While I do not possess the necessary knowledge or skills to fix it, I did know of someone who could.  I made a phone call to get her the necessary help and the person I called said they were meaning to call me to help them with something.  The help they needed was to help me.  It worked out beautifully.
Whatever situation we find ourselves in is exactly the one we need to grow and to serve others. Sometimes we serve others by asking for their help, sometimes we serve others by offering what we have in exchange for what they have.
The key to peace of mind in any situation is trust in God.  It is trust in God and in his mindfulness of ourselves and our situation gives us the power and ability to see the good in any situation, to remain calm and ask productive questions.  When we know that God is on our side, there is NO room for fear.  Here's the hard truth, I can say it because I've had to face it before,  if you are full of fear, you don't really trust in God.  The truth is that if we are truly full of faith and trust in God, there is NO ROOM for fear.   We live a life of learning with a perfect safety net always there to protect us, we are always supported.  Peace of mind comes from knowing God, and knowing who we are in relationship to Him.  Just as we would never allow our children to go through pain one second longer than necessary, he wouldn't either.
Whatever pain we're in serves a purpose or we wouldn't have it.  That pain can come in the form of financial stress, past abuse issues, etc. and the answer to all pain is in trusting and turning to God for healing through Christ.  I know that Christ stands ready in anticipation to heal our pain and carry away all our grief when we love light and peace more than we love the excuses we've been using from our pain.  We all feel good talking about faith and trust in God, we feel good when we bear witness of Christ. We feel good because these are eternal truths, we live well when we embody and embrace these truths.  When we partake in the sacrament or communion we symbolically partake of Christ, he becomes part of us.  Better than just something we put on, God gave us symbols that become a part of us.  When I took upon me the name of Christ through baptism I took upon myself the responsibility to stand as a witness for him and also the blessing of the removal of all my sins/sufferings past, present, and future. In taking upon me his name I can take upon myself his perfection when I choose to let go of fear, resentment, blame, and guilt. I chose to let it go because Christ has made me perfect in Him and I chose to accept that gift.  Do I slip up?  ABSOLUTELY, but it is not a final condition because of the atonement Christ made for me.  He suffered for all, so we don't have to suffer.  Pain will occur, mistakes will be made, but because of His sacrifice all can be made pure.  Security, prosperity, and peace of mind are in God through his Son, Jesus Christ.

Liz King Bradley

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