Wednesday, November 2, 2011

God Loves YOU

    Perhaps the message most dear to each of us is the one we have struggled the most to live. The antithesis of the lies our tempters tell us:  "you're no good." "what's so special about you"  "you're worthless and without light"  "God doesn't want you, you've messed up too much"  "what have you got to offer that the world could not find somewhere else?"  "you are a personage of flesh and there is nothing more".  The truth that is in us shines brightly with the power and majesty of God and only when we believe the lies does it grow dim.  When God said let your light so shine before men, one of the things he meant was "Believe in who you are, that you are mine and testify it to the world that they may know that they are mine.  Give praise and glory freely that they may see the God in themselves."  We are infinitely good, infinitely special, we have endless possibilities to offer, we are full of light, God wants ALL his children and has provided a way through Jesus Christ that no sin is too much unless you want it to be, the message in you is as unique as the package that contains it, you were spirit before you were flesh and one day both spirit and flesh will meet God face to face sanctified and changed from mortality to immortality.  Only when we allow ourselves to forget these truths do our lights grow dim, it is then that we live in fear and hatred of our fellow beings in all hatreds many forms (jealousy, anger, pride, selfishness).  We are hear to learn and to prove one thing, that we will follow God in all things and submit our wills to Him, that is why "loving what is" sets us free, for "what is" is what God has created it to be for the benefit of our growth.  I'm not forgetting our personal responsibility to create our own lives, yet when it comes to creating there is none more powerful than God.  When we accept that, we accept God and he has long ago accepted us when His son died that we might live.  In repentance we do not change his feeling or attitude towards us, we change our attitude and feeling toward Him and become capable of receiving the gift he offers us freely.  The battle over Good and Evil is already won and God wants all to be on the winning side, even with Him to partake of the joy He has provided for each of us through the Holy sacrifice of His only begotten son.  Break free from the shackles of your own self doubt and dare to believe in the truth of the gospel that calls all people to light, and feel as the light washes over you relieving you from heartache and pain.

With all my heart,

Liz King Bradley
Torch-bearer for the Light of Christ
Coach and Speaker for Finding the Truth in YOU!

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