Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Came From a Divine Creator

The more I learn about the universe, the patterns confirm to me the existence and nature of my God. When I study biology, especially the human body I am continually impressed with a deepened understanding and knowledge of God. To me, all things lead back to Him, there is no fear to explore because the truth of what I know will not change. Truth brings light, knowledge and understanding and leads one on to further light, knowledge and understanding. I am not a creature on this earth trying to figure things out. I am a child of God on the earth learning and growing with the guidance and nurturing of a living and loving God who is always present, but never interfering, who will help me to the degree I allow him and who will allow me to experience the lessons necessary for my growth and understanding so that I can learn to be strong and wise and powerful as He is. Because I came from Him, I can be like Him, a creator of my destiny and my life, and a teacher and creator with others. This is my truth, it is a truth I share with my children, there is nothing that will hold them back in this life if they know they have the power and capacity given them from a real God who knows all and wants to help them to know all too. I know I can question Him. I believe He welcomes the questions because He wants to give me the answers. I also believe this is all dependent on my willingness to receive and act on the answers I get.