Saturday, June 4, 2011

Behaving Supportively, Receiving Support and Acting Insane

     At times I have found myself in a situation where I felt I had behaved very supportively and not received support in return.  The responsibility lies with me, clearly I have used my time and energy to support others and left none for myself.  It is tempting to resent others for a lack of support, but if I have overextended myself in service to others and found others too busy taking care of their needs to help with mine, perhaps I could learn from them and start taking care of myself before extending my time, talents and energies to others.  Where is the line between self-absorbed behavior that ignores the thoughts and needs of those around me as I busily see to my own life and being so much in someone else's responsibilities that my own primary needs are not met?
Can I do this for myself? Do I need to do it for myself?
Can someone else do it for me?
Is there someone who LOVES to do this who could do it better?
Am I asking someone I know will not follow through?
Why am I pouring my resources into this person?

Liz King Bradley