Saturday, October 29, 2011

Women Don’t Matter Once They Become Mothers?

I have looked at women I knew before ever having kids and while they were pregnant with their first and wondered, “Why did she stop taking care of herself?”  "Why did I stop taking care of myself?" Today as I pondered this it hit me.  Some of us take the will and desire to take care of ourselves and the value we place in ourselves and shift all of it to our kids.  The beautiful child who we carried and brought into the world in companionship with God and our husbands is so full of beauty and promise and worth and we fall in love with them.  Ladies, they do not need YOUR worth, they have their own.  As you care for yourself your children will see that there is honor, beauty and value in mothers.  From the time they are born they are watching.  Their subconscious mind is taking in all the messages we send, their conscious mind is not developed and does not filter it.  When we fail to take care of ourselves and only get dressed up to leave, we send two messages:  “I am not important enough to take care of." and "What is happening outside the home is more important that what happens in it."  We may wonder why so many young women doubt their own value and worth and then grow up to downgrade their value as mothers and of motherhood, the answer is staring us in the face every day that we don’t take care of ourselves including our appearance.  The temple in the old testament was beautiful and ornate and great attention was paid to every detail, God cares about our appearance because our bodies are the temple to house His Spirit.  Am I saying we need to try to look like somebody on a magazine? No.  I’m saying we need to look in the mirror recognize that we are Divine Daughters of a living and loving God and give ourselves the love, attention and time we give to our children.  Our bodies are our vehicles in this life and the bodies we will get to have after we are resurrected, let’s treat them with respect and love and show God and our children that MOTHERS and MOTHERHOOD MATTER!
Liz King Bradley
Energy Coach and Speaker for Finding the Truth in YOU!

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I Am A Daughter of a King and I Already Live in My Palace

  Tonight I read "Daughter of a King" by Rachel Ann Nunes.  In the end she goes to live with her father in a crystal palace.  I told my kids that if the story continued she would speak with the king and he would show her the ways he had been there with her all along, and she would recognize the helpers he sent and the gifts he had given to make her life and her family's comfortable and happy.  Then I realised and told my kids that what's important is not only will we live with The King, we already live in a palace, built especially for us by The King, only this palace can sing, laugh, dance, run, eat, hear, read, write, etc.  I wept as I felt and saw the reality of this!  I reminded them that the King visits his palace and speaks with us, and that we get to have his spirit to be with us.  I let them know that at the store I had many things I wanted to buy, but I chose this book because more than anything I want them to know that they are sons and daughters of a King and that He can be with them.  Is there room in your palace for the King?

Liz King Bradley
Energy Coach and Speaker for Finding the truth in YOU!

Mothers, ARISE!

  This is the typical tasklist of most moms: make meals, play chauffeur, clean house, do laundry, help with homework, attend church groups and take children to church groups, say prayers, read scriptures, try to spend a little time with each child (yeah right), be nice to spouse, make it through the day (and that's not even taking into account any business you've got going).  Does this sound familiar?  We think if we do all this we are good moms, and we wonder why we feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled.  Mothers, take back your power! It's yours and you give it away. (I can hear some of you: What's she talking about???)  Picture your life if your list looked more like this:
Create a home that is a sanctuary for my family,
Create experiences that will help my children know who they are and connect to God
Create time and space to interact and be fully present with my children
Create something in my professional life that will bring myself and others closer to Christ
Create a deeply loving and passionate relationship with my Husband, whom I love deeply and want to connect with.
Have your tools for creation become a list of "To Do's"?  There is a difference between making it through the day and creating what you want in each day just like there's a difference between PRAYING and saying a prayer.  If I'm not intentionally speaking to connect with God and seek His will for me and the power to carry it out, I might as well be reciting a novel.  Even those who say the same prayers all the time can say them with pure intent and reap the rewards of it. Let's look at "Our Father", or "The Lord's Prayer". 
Matthew 6:9-13:
 9.......... Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
 10 Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
 11 Give us this day our daily bread.
 12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
 13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.
      In my church there are not many prayers repeated the same way, we believe more sincerity comes from composing prayers from the desires of our hearts.....but sometimes those prayers seem to be the same ideas with different words, and not very thought out.  In contrast I have been in church with my friend or in her home and felt the sincerity of her heart, almost as if I could feel her soul and the pure desire she had to be like Christ and live with Him as she prayed words she had spoken probably a thousand times.  It is less about the repetition and more about the intention and heart put into it. I encourage you to look up "The Lord's Prayer" performed by Andrea Bocceli.  Such beauty in music speaks to my heart and pulls forth the desires I have to be with God, to trust in Christ, do His will, and to extol his majesty and glory FOREVER. Arise and live your life in meaning and truth and beauty.  Question the purpose and the meaning behind your actions, remember the "Why".  We are not raising children to participate in a social organization like cogs in a machine, but to be living, breathing, individuals who desire more than anything to be with God because they have felt his influence and it is SWEET!  We are not staying married to fulfill a social norm or because it is proven to be the best environment for child-rearing, we are creating a relationship that will stand the test of time and last in eternity in peace, love, enthusiasm, and joy.  In our professions we are strategically placed to touch the lives of others with the light that radiates from us as we live out the truth of our BEING.  I am a daughter of God, so are you. Stop living life like your saying a prayer and start living as if life IS your PRAYER.  Arise and take up the power and light that is yours if you chose it.  Stand up in your place and take up your passion and stand amazed at what God can do through you.

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Live a Prayer,
Liz King Bradley

Energy Coach and Speaker for Finding the truth in YOU!