Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Prayer for Healing

Dear God,

Thank thee for feeding me with thy love and thy power and through the creation of all things for my good. Thank thee, especially for giving me thy son, to take away my sins and to heal my sorrows, assuage my fears, and bring me home to thee. Thank thee for supporting and sustaining me through all the challenges in my life, and for showing me the beauty and majesty of my life in thy hands and through my Saviour's sacrifice. Thank thee, for thy scriptures, giving me hope, guidance, and certainty when perplexing temptations arise. Thank the for the way thy laws show me when I am in a path that leads away from thee, and the way they show me when I need healing.(realization: a desire to sin is a symptom of the need for God's healing)

Help me to see thy hand in all things, especially in the things I have labeled "painful". Fill me with confidence in thy love that I may forgive others and myself; and that I may recognize and take full accountability for my life, my results, and my choices. Please hold me tight and give me peace as I face the shame in me. Help me to see thyself in me.

Please fill me with gratitude for the abundant blessings in my life. Please fill me with gratitude for thy wisdom that led me on paths that made me stronger, clearer, and more compassionate and forgiving. Bless me with the pure love of Christ and for Christ to forgive all people, including myself of anything in my past, present or future, including anything I will remember. When memories or resentments come up, help me remember this resolve to forgive.

Please make me, finally, the person I am in my BEST self at all times, in all things, and in all places. Please write thy words upon my heart and thy truth upon my tongue. Please overcome my will with thine and walk in me and through me. Please send thy angels to support me in truth and cut me down in error, that I may know at all times where I stand in relationship to thy will.

Please make my thy servant without self-aggrandizement, but in true love, helping others with an eye single to thy will and faith in thy omnipotent power to heal. Help me to help others in the quickest, simplest and lest painful possible way, that they may see thee and not me as their Savior and healer.

Please, forgive me of my weakness, my stumbling, my willfulness, and remove in every part or particle of my being any desires that are out of harmony with thee and thy teachings.

In Jesus name,


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