Thursday, May 4, 2017


I have debated about wether to address this topic here, I have other blogs. However I have decided that because a central part of my message to all women everywhere is that you are precious, that you matter and that you are God's child, it is very appropriate for me to address this issue here.

There is no clearer evidence of the savagery of today's society than the practice of abortion for convenience. This is not a thesis, it is the testament and expression of the deepest feelings in my heart based on the deepest convictions of my soul founded on what I KNOW is true.

We are daughters and sons of God, sent here to families, to mother's and fathers who are given stewardship over children, who are GOD's children. It's time as a society that we use cease using the word "fetus" to comfort people who are too selfish to stay out of the bed when they want to stay out of the nursery. I have carried and birthed 5 children, I felt them, I knew them, they were people long before they took their first breath. They knew God and God knows them, it is my job on earth to help them to always remember God, their Father and become like Him through Jesus Christ. It is my job to teach them right from wrong so they can live happy lives. How can we possibly teach people that they are divine and that life is sacred, while justifying the termination of life in it's perfect innocence and infancy?

As a society we have been seduced by the word choice that is covering the word "selfishness". People are trying to make choices and not have consequences, which is impossible.

As God created a body and put a spirit from Him in it we have no right to separate it because we aren't ready for the responsibility. If we aren't ready for the responsibility of a child, we are not ready to participate in intercourse. What God has joined, man has no right to separate.

Believing in our divine nature and the worth we have as individuals requires that we treat human life as sacred. Standing up against abortion is a stand FOR the truth that we are ALL sacred beings, created by God with a part of Him in us. Remember who you are, trust in that and in God and stand firmly in your power to influence and stand for life because it IS sacred, YOU are sacred.


Liz King Bradley

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