Thursday, May 4, 2017

Common Phrases with Sinister Meanings

You're Only Human (mortal, flawed, etc.).... So...ONLY Human/ mortal eliminates any element of the divine, so I am NOT a child of God? "Only" is an exclusive that eliminates everything but it's object. The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:" (Romans 8:16) Clearly, since God is not mortal or flawed and we are His children, we are not "only human". It's the number one justification for behaving below our true capability because it tells us that "we can't help it" (more on that below). God says I'm his child and promises that through Christ I can overcome all things, isn't it a bit satanic to say that I am only human and therefore cannot help myself. Instead of saying someone is only human, isn't it more supportive to say "You are a child of God, while you have slipped, fallen, or are struggling, God will not fail you, don't give up. Yes, you make mistakes, but Christ has already taken care of that. Keep trying!"

It's Who You are..Embrace it.... (My mistakes and temptations that God commanded me NOT to dwell on or participate in, are...who I am? I am not a child of God...I am, they dDEFINE ME? (gay, promiscuous, rude, debilitatingly shy, rage-aholic, overweight[to a point that it's truly unhealthy].....etc.[anything that gets in the way of our relationships with God])....that's WHO I AM? That, in essence, says, "Don't try to to things that are hard for you because the things that are easy are who you are. Give up on what you're reaching for." Rather than "It's okay that you are struggling, but don't give up. You are a child of God and He is helping you become all you can be by giving you high things to reach for. The atonement will make up the difference in the meantime, just don't quit!"

You Can't Help it..... Really...I am helpless and an automated machine, I can't overcome...wait, didn't the bible teach that " I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."(Philippians 4:13)? So is Christ powerful to save or not? Am I a child of God, with a divine nature to help me overcome my natural limitations and Christ to make that possible? NO WHERE in scripture does it say that we must do as our nature or society dictates, but always we are commanded "Come unto Christ" which is the antithesis of doing what comes naturally as a mortal.

You Have No Choice... Again....I am helpless, a preprogrammed drone with no ability to overcome through the strengthening of Christ and the power of choice?

Validate divine nature, not mortal flaws, temptations, etc. Nurture divinity, not weakness, hardship, etc.

If God says it's bad, it cannot be who I am, it must be the temptation He knows I can overcome. He loves me no matter what, He wants me to obey the laws that help me become like Him, because He is perfect and as a perfect being would have perfect joy.

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