Thursday, May 4, 2017

Do You Want To Be More?

Do you know that most of the time the desire to "be more" comes from the misunderstanding that you're not enough? I'm not actually saying that we are enough on our own, but by the merits of Christ we are, as long as we accept Him.

Take a moment.
Ask yourself more importantly, ask GOD: Am I enough with Christ? 

Isn't His grace sufficient for all of us who chose Him?

Let that sink in and STAY in that moment for as long as you can, but don't be surprised when yucky feelings attached to ideas come up to extinguish it. Be advised that every time you learn a truth, Satan with try to step in an corrupts it.  That's what gives you the CHOICE, you get to chose what voice to heed and what messages to believe in.

Recognize that you were not meant to be everything you have the potential to be on your own, God told us to be perfect so we would turn to Him, the only way perfection is possible.  God shows us our dependence on Him so we will ASK for the help he is already willing to give, He gives us the dignity of choice.

Believing Him, believing in His ability and willingness to help us, helps us to receive.  He wants us to remember that we are His children and He is a wise and generous father.

Growing into the person God created me to be requires that I know where I came from, the seed can grow into the kind of tree it sprang from.   Knowing WHO YOU ARE is the strongest, most stable and trustworthy motivation to DO GOOD and to succeed. When you know that YOU ARE GOOD it is EASY to DO good.  We come from God and through Jesus Christ we can be godly.

Ask yourself:
"Am I more powerful when I acknowledge my divine being?"

"Does God want me to know who I am?"

"Does knowing who I am help me to be both powerful and teachable?"

The world is full of people who are enough and are distracted from the beauty and purpose of life by trying to be "more"instead of seeking to manifest the greatness of God in them through Christ, allowing Him to fill us and being the overflowing fountain of His love and grace.

Instead of asking "What can I do to be more?"

Ask: "What do I have abundantly that I can share?"

You ARE the person you dream of being.

Acknowledge and Trust God so you can LIVE it.

Liz King Bradley

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