Thursday, May 4, 2017

God, Why Didn't You Save Me?

I was in a written conversation on FaceBook today that got me thinking a little more about the existence of God. There were arguments that there couldn't be a God because of the suffering in the world, or that if there was a God who could stop it and didn't they wanted no part of "Him". I am thankful that God loves me and trusts me enough to allow me the "suffering" that helps me to know Him and to know the divine in me.

The fact that all the wounds that can be healed by God are not, is not a reason to stop seeking healing for the ones that will. I wouldn't trade a single moment of suffering back to God for all the pleasure in the world, because in doing so I would trade back all the treasures of Heaven that I gained in experiencing them.

I would rather continue to experience pain than deny the God who loves me enough to stand back and watch- sending me love and encouragement and angels to support me- instead of jumping in to save me from the pain that makes me the woman I dream of being, the woman He knows I am inside. I believe that because He loves us watching the suffering is hard, but that is His gift and sacrifice to us, that he suffers the pain of our suffering so we can grow.

I don't yet comprehend the fulness of why, but I know that somehow in our pain we come to know God the most and perhaps it is because it is then we tune our hearts with laser focus to receive His love and strength, and perhaps it is because it is in our deepest trial he draws the closest to us.

There is a lot of publicity now about the laws of attraction, the laws of thought regarding creation. Some are using these principles to say that there is no God and that things have been created because of our own thoughts. All things have a source and a beginning, so what/who created the energetic systems that operate under the laws of thought? We don't disregard the inventor of the automobile just because we learn how it works or how to use it. There is still a source and that source is God, our Father. The energetic system is the safety net He put in place for us since He is not usually physically present with us.

In the conversation of creation I truly believe we are all creating our world and our universe. We will all enjoy the life we have chosen but what/who we chose to believe. I would rather create an existence in a realm with a loving, all knowing father and a family network of others filled with love and light than an existence without purpose or meaning, direction or law, without true love and without true wonder and majesty. Those who would convince the world that we are creatures instead of children of God create a world without purpose and without light. I am a bearer of light and a seeker of truth and love. I chose to believe and to create for myself with my faith in God a future of beauty, love and light where I will dwell with others of the same desire and create eternally more.

Love and Light,

Liz King Bradley

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