Thursday, May 4, 2017

He is Risen, He Can Raise me.

I'm borrowing a little from things I've already written, because they are still so true.
When you see: “RESURRECTION”, what do you think of?
"I used to think of my body coming to life again after physical death.
Now I think of ANYTHING coming to life again after ANY death."
I experienced a sort of death when I was abused at four by a trusted neighbor. For sure, I have experienced death in my emotions for my husband, and the death of our relationship. YET in EACH of these things I have experienced the mighty power of resurrection. If I were to boil down the steps it took to get there, it would be this:

Recognize that everything I am experiencing is part of a Divine classroom. It's all trying to tell me something.

Recognize that my pain is MY pain, it didn't come from what others have done, but from what I believed about myself coming away from it.

Consciously start using gratitude to remind myself of the evidence in favor of the good in me, in live, and in God.

Chosing to apply forgiveness to myself and all other in my life, not because they deserve it, but because CHRIST deserves it: His offering is enough.

Learning to allow grace to cover for the ways others cannot meet my needs, and the way I fail to meet my own.
I His Grace I can do all things, because He has already done it.

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