Thursday, May 4, 2017

-Healing: It’s Not ONLY About Desire, It’s About Faith

Have you ever felt didn't get an answer to prayer that you really needed? You felt like you should have gotten the answer, because the DESIRE was real? But God's requirement is not desire, but intent. Intent is what you are going to do with what you learn, if the answer He has for you requires you to do something you are not willing to do, you might not get the answer, not because He is not willing, but because you are not willing.

Healing is similar, healing requires more than desire, it requires faith. Faith means, whatever you have to do to get the healing, whatever God tells you, including just let go of the boundaries you've put on God's ability to heal, you'll do trusting that God will do for you what you cannot. Sometimes, getting healing means feeding faith and identifying the barriers that WE have put on healing that really have no relevance to what God can and WANTS to do.

The desire is necessary, it is part of the agency God doesn't violate. We need to identify the ways we are actually holding onto our weaknesses, pain, sickness, anger, etc. What are we using those things to excuse? (I may have mentioned this before.) But still, desire isn't enough. We need faith. What blocks us from getting the healing we want, we need, and God wants us to have?

Here's what I've found in me and in others I work with:

*I believe my sickness -or whatever you want to name it- is making me special, important, valued, remembered, etc.

*I believe I can only rest if I am sick in some way.

*I believe God can only heal me as far and as much as science, medicine, my psychologist, friends, etc. says I can.

*I have lived with it so long, I am afraid to live without it.

*I have made it my identity.

*I use it to excuse living courageously, passionately, or fully. I use it so I don't have to grow or to do hard things.

Accessing faith for healing often means getting to a level of amazing honesty that many have never It means feeding faith through immersing ourselves in the truth of the Gospel (the GOOD NEWS), and the reasons we CAN heal. It means that we sometimes do not believe in Christ as we think or say we do. It means coming to the place where we say "Lord, help THOU my unbelief". When miracles cease, it is because faith has ceased or because of wickedness. Biblical accounts of divinely ordained illness specified that it was SO they can be healed as a witness to the glory and power of God. (some examples)

Submitting to God's will often makes healing possible, it's the state of being that is most helpful to healing. Submitting to God is the state of being where we have let go of our own ideas about how it "ought" to be. There is a difference between assuming that YOUR illness, hardship, pain, etc. is God's will and finding out that it is. There is a difference between submitting to God and submitting to "illness". There are bitter cups that we have to drink, but those serve a purpose, they help us or others, they are not meant to be consignment to misery, a life sentence to suffering. Jesus suffered that we might not. His cross is not the suffering, but what that cross did, what it gave to us and taking it up means to take it to others and to deny ourselves of all ungodliness, only suffering for Christ's sake ....not for illness' not to suffer for the sake of suffering's sake.

In my own experience I have had things God healed directly, with no intermediate helper, and things He said I had to get healing from through other people's help and the skills He'd lead them to develop, like doctors, surgeon's, therapists. But if my trust had been in them, the healing could only go as far as those skills could take me, and with God's help I have been able to surpass it. My story includes a hysterectomy at 27 to remove a completely dead and prolapsed uterus AND a thriving happy sexlife with my husband having received the healing from sexual trauma that makes deep, loving connection possible despite sexual abuse. Interestingly, the "experts" and specialists in psychology said healing was impossible, but coping was available. In the case of my surgery, there were other issues besides my uterus that were healed and helped and further surgery was prevented. My healing in all these cases came from God, though at times it came through other people with training and skills God didn't bless me with or lead me to develop.

There were so many things I learned about trusting God and about who I really am, what defines me by NOT being healed without medical help. I learned that when I pray for it, God can get through to medical minds, any mind, the things they need in order to go the right direction for highest good. I learned that my ability to have children, though the most enriching part of my life, did not define me. I learned that my ability to "push through things" didn't define me or make me valuable, and worthwhile as a human being. I learned that singing didn't make me valuable, important, worthy, etc. I learned my value is inherent because I am God's daughter and Jesus Christ died for me. I learned that who I am is so much deeper than what I could or could not do for myself or others. I also learned that releasing emotional trauma released physical damage and sickness too, but most importantly I learned to be fully in tuned to God and His will for me, and that it ALWAYS works out better than my own plans.

Healing, the ability to heal and the purpose of it is not something any other person can define for you or tell you the limits of, it is a deeply personal intelligence between you and God, but DON'T give up!!!! Don't let it go! Don't SETTLE. (see my FB rant here) Submit to God, but not to "illness". Do what God says and trust Him. You may need a combination of science and spirit to heal. You may need to abstain from chemicals and cling to the promises given us based on our faith in order to heal. You may need psychologists and energy therapists. You may need any combination of things to assist you, or nothing but you and God! My invitation to you is: KEEP Hope, KEEP Faith, KEEP Trust, KEEP God and His promises, never settle or give up. Submit to God, not to limits.

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