Thursday, May 4, 2017

I Am The Captain Of My Ship

I am the captain of my ship and God is the wind and is the navigator guiding me. I have maps from those that went before me, and God at my side to navigate me, but I am the captain of this ship. God provided the vessel and the water, and a destination-or purpose, I am at the wheel.

My life can go in any direction I choose, I can sail in circles, I can sail against the wind, I can drop anchor and stay somewhat still, it is up to me. I get to the place that’s best for me by following God’s guidance and using his wind the way he plans for me. I make choices about what I will do with the information I get and the experiences I have.

My response to any situation is not mapped out for me, unless I map it out for myself. I can change those maps at any time. Peace and serenity are mine in any climate as I trust in the divine guide and source for my power. Power is given to me to choose, to act and to move forward.

As I move along the path I come in contact with others moving toward their path. We share our light and strength with each other sometimes propelled by the same winds. Some of our paths will intersect for a time, some will be going in another direction, there may be sadness at parting, but my ship and my path continue onward peacefully and steadily as I heed the guidance of my navigator and flow with the winds of His intentions for me.

As my will becomes enveloped in His, my heart becomes enveloped in His hands and I am free to love more deeply and trust more wholly in every facet of life. Armor of protection and weapons of defense fall placidly away, as God becomes my defense and my protection. When the storms gather and the rains pour blurring my vision, there is Jesus holding the light bright enough to see though the din, if I open my eyes to look.

I am the captain, and God is my guide, wind and water, He is also my protection and my armor, and I want His hands on mine guiding this ship, so my ship (my life) will be His. I want to give Him the wheel.

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