Thursday, May 4, 2017

I am a Daughter of God

If I chose motherhood over business, if I chose motherhood over ANYTHING, who are you to say that I am letting anyone, including myself down? Who are you to say that my contribution in the home is less important than anything else? Who are you to call my work menial? Who are you to judge me period. All I'm saying is that if you think I need to be in business, school, or anything else to be fulfilled, appreciated, happy...that's about your beliefs, not the truth.

I am a mother. I am a daughter, a sister, a wife. EVERYTHING else will fade away. Someday, I won't coach anymore. Books will stop being read, blogs will stop being read...and it won't matter what I've discovered about anything else if the sacred parts of ME have been un nourished and undisclosed because I was out there achieving things that a society that has forgotten the importance and value of life said I needed in order to fulfill myself.

Living is not just to keep breathing, to keep moving, but to live and drink abundantly from the cup of LIFE, that life that lives inside each of us. God says I can be like Him, and He is a Father, it is all of Him. All His creations are his expressions of Fatherhood, being a good provider for His CHILDREN. He could be called, inventor, he could be called scientist, He could be called, coach, author, speaker, evangelist, teacher, preacher, friend, BUT he choses Father. Christ showed us that when he prayed "Father, who art in Heaven, HALLOWED be thy NAME." And what name did he hallow? FATHER.

I have not lost myself if I have chosen Mother over all other things, but I have lost myself, indeed, if I count every other thing above motherhood because motherhood is what brings me closest to God. I am more in the role of the divine as I provide for, guide, care for, and nurture my children than at any other time. This is not just the words of a sexist pig trying to "keep me down" these are the words of a rational thinking woman who has taken the time to seek out God and the God in herself, who has shared her message, spoken her truth to the world, has felt the fulfillment of that- but has listened to the stillness in her heart- a message from God- that said, "focus on your family." In that return to a homeward focus I have seen God more in myself and had greater light to share, and found greater, more meaningful fulfillment. We don’t feel unfulfillment in motherhood because of what it is, but because of what we think it is, and what be believe it isn’t. I am a Mother. At the core of my being that's who I am, that is the God in me.

Women, You Are Powerful!

Women Arise!

Are You Waiting to Die?

Liz King Bradley

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