Thursday, May 4, 2017

I Look to You

Today's post is inspired by Marnie Pehrson and a song by Whitney Houston. In her article "Can Your Body Handle Being a Healer?", Marnie explains the pressure and stress put on the body when we begin to be more"in the spirit". She talks about it in the framework of being a light and healer to the world, and talks of the energy that flows to us and through us as we begin to "channel" the light energy that heals so many. I think of it as being more "in the spirit".

What is it that makes us unable to stand in the presence of God as we are now? I believe it is the limited ability of our physical bodies to handle the frequency of light and power that flows constantly from Him. In Christ we have a mediator, one who has been where we are, and is where God is and becomes a bridge for us, THE conduit of God's light, filtered through himself and the atonement to be "tame" enough for our present state to handle. I believe that our progress on this earth is to lead us to those higher frequencies. I think that is why "super foods" are being introduced to us (maybe not society's reason, but God's), to help us bring our bodies to higher frequencies that we may better bear higher doses of God's light as we face the peculiar challenges of our time. We must be strengthened in light to discern and overcome the pernicious darkness. I am a Christian, and believe in the bible as the word of God, this time has been prophesied as one of great trial, when there is great darkness, there will also be an outpouring of light for those who seek it and bear it.

One of the ways we bring light (or darkness) into our bodies is in the music we listen too. Music throughout the ages has had the power to move people to war, rebellion, peace, kindness, forgiveness, hope, ....the list can go on to every gammet of emotion and spiritual state. During the Nazi invasions and takeovers certain non-lyrical music was banned because it had the effect of raising the people's courage and their will to preserve their freedom and the countries they loved. Even without words, music has the power to elevate or crush us. I love to think of how God crumbled the walls of Jerico through the vibrations of trumpets, the shouts of his faithful followers and the rumbling of their feet. This was music of freedom for them, how liberating was that!?

I think of how my heart swells within me as I hear the crescendo of the symphony, or how it melts into softness with the sweet melodies of flutes in low ranges mingled with clarinets, violas, and violins in soft, rhythms and tones that remind me of water that flows smoothly, or how my soul dances with the flittery sounds of a picolo or flute dancing around on high registers that mimick birds or butterflies fluttering around. I think how people throughout ages have used music in times of sorrow or fear to bring peace and comfort to those we love. Perhaps what we love about the Messiah, by George Fredriech Handel is the way it expresses the deepest feelings of our souls, in it's frequencies and vibrations we are brought closer to the frequency of God, more into harmony with him, more into wholeness with who we really are.

If I hold my violin and stand near someone playing a good solid "A" and my "A" string is tuned as well, my string will vibrate, and sound the "A". Every day, every hour, every minute, every second I am either tuning the strings of my soul to resonate either more or less with God, my Heavenly Father. Everything He has ever asked me to do has been to position me close and tune me in to resonate with Him, so that I can not only feel His love, His power, and His truth-but so that

these things can ring in me, and naturally they will sound from me. If my soul is an instrument that can play the music of God, I guess it's pretty important that my body be kept in good condition. You can't hear good music from rusty strings and the sound can be warped by distortions in the wood or metal.

I love the metaphor "A Touch of the Master's Hand" where an old violin is at an auction and no-one wants it because they can't see or hear it's beauty. You see it has not been cared for and maintained. A man, a master violinist and vioin-maker comes from the crowd and tunes the strings, polishes the body- brings it into alignment with it's original purpose. Then he draws the bow accross the strings and shows everyone what it can do. I love this metaphor because it shows so clearly the truth about the way we work, and the way we work with God. The violin was always valuable, yet in the masters hand it's music was the most clear, the most effective, and in a physical sense it had to be in good shape too.

Music has had a profound effect on my life. The home I grew up in was filled, almost at all times, with music. Mom and dad made sacrifices to ensure we all had lessons, and they were picky about what they allowed us to play or listen to in our home. As I look at what we know about behavior and attention deficits I can tell that I had some, but my parent's choice of music- Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Handel-helped to organize and focus my brain. I believe playing the music of these composers made the effect even more powerful. In coping with and recovering from sexual abuse (not from inside my home) the music we sang in church, the songs in inspired children's programs were powerful tools for healing- building bridges over the cracks in my soul.

After reading Marnie's article I also listened to the songs/videos she posted. As I listened to the songs and thought how they applied to my relationship with God, I felt a realization of the blocks I put between me and God, my resistance to doing His will, my fear of failure and of other people's opinions. The experience of these songs became a prayers from my soul to God, to remove those barriers. I am always humbled by the realization of my reluctance to hear God's voice in my life because I generally see myself as His follower. I came to the realization that I have been afraid of letting my light (the light from God) shine, I don't want people to know that I am a bright shiny light for Christ and for God. It's like there's a roadblock with a sign on it in the gateway from my heart out to the world "Don't stand out!" How many of you have this sign up? What is it keeping you from doing, what joy are you missing from your life in order to blend in with your surroundings?

Somehow as I listened to the last song Marnie posted and thought about where I was at in the conversation of this song, how I was positioned before God, something changed in me. Fear I have carried for several months now became apparent and I became willing to let it go. I felt a profound clearness within and became aware that I am spiritually glowing and that I felt a little doubt as to whether I am allowed to do that. I felt light in me and coming out of me and realized I had been stifling it.

People wait for permission, permission to succeed, permission to grow, and apparently permission to SHINE. The only one stopping us is ourselves, it certainly isn't God, who wants us to GROW to THRIVE and FULFILL our PURPOSE and POTENTIAL. Rise Up and SHINE forth, it's time, it's YOUR time and GOD has given you the power and even the permission to do it. Matthew 5:16

Liz King Bradley

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