Thursday, May 4, 2017

I LOVE my Body...(gratitude for what I have and reality about "treating" myself)

If you've read my blog for a while, you'll notice I have written about body issues a few times. The following is a series of posts I have made on FB since I've been doing the #Ilovemybodydiet with Jennifer Lamprey

I Love my thighs!!!! When was the last time you thought that or said it..if ever?

I was just thinking today how grateful I am for my feet. Seriously. I think the feet may have the hardest job of all. They carry EVERYTHING anytime you're upright....then you add whatever you carry in your tummy and your arms, etc. Then, there's running. Wow. Feet.. I solute you and thank you!

So, I remember a trainer I had when I did Crossfit., I loved this trainer/gym because the emphasis was not on beating others, but on improving our own bests. This trainer was firm, but gentle. That's how I want to be with my body. I also want to get past apologizing and move on to just doing better. It occurs to me that I have already apologized, more than enough for letting my body get to the shape it's in, it's time to trust that my apology is accepted and move on. I am just gonna keep focussing on how it feels to be 6 pounds lighter in a week and really sinking into the gratitude and hope of that. AND when I am exercising and my legs hurt, I am going to say, "It's okay, if you need to stop, I can, and we can keep going, if that's okay.

When we think we are not enough, or that we do not matter we take on baggage emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. I AM ENOUGH and I MATTER. Are two of the most powerful statements you can have running in your minds system. I believe the MOST powerful of all is "I love God and He loves me." Because God is the great magnifier and the love we send Him comes back to us magnified. When that happens we are no longer worried about whether we are enough or our efforts are enough, it is totally assumed that we are, it is just there. The key for me is always to stop worrying if I'm enough, focus on loving God, and then I just know that I am.

Ever notice how your mind can try to trick you into doing things that do not support your highest health......... It's that little voice that says "I'm TREATING myself." Thankfully today, my higher self said "Yeah, you are treating yourself to throwing a monkey wrench in your goals and feeling less healthy." "No thanks!" LOL I love me. I'll have a protein shake or bar or green smoothie with an almond buttered waffle instead of waffles covered in syrup or jam. tongue emoticon...oh, pray for me! That waffle sounds GOOD!

When I was a newlywed, my belief about my beauty may have been "I am as beautiful as my ability to sexually influence my husband, I am as beautiful as he thinks I am." My honeymoon was not like a movie. My husband was NOT overcome at the sight of me and, in fact was irritated by my spontaneity. The truth is that his being is constant, consistent and NOT spontaneous. BUT because I thought my beauty was based on my ability to distract him and what he thought of me, I felt ugly....outside.... and trapped because the one person on earth to whom I had given that power over me was not giving me what I thought he would. I have been taking back that power because even now that he is more spontaneous and susceptible to me, it doesn't fill me because it was never meant to. I get to chose, every day, to love myself the way I want to be loved, to nurture myself as I want to be nurtured and to give myself everything I can and get the rest form God. YET, still be open to receiving more when it's offered and just be grateful for it as a bonus, an extra gift, not an expectation.

"Still really loving my body. I don't think God gave me body, called it a temple, and then expected me to disregard it, disrespect it or hate it. I think God expects me to respect it, be grateful for it , and love it completely. I have to say I probably love my eyes the most of any part of me today because of what I can both take in and express with my eyes.

I shed another 6 a week!!!! YAY me!!!!!!!!! My body is so AWESOME!!! Look at that weight fall away! smile emoticon Honestly and truly, all I have done is ask God to help, strive to drink more water, say kind and loving and honoring things about my body, eat more veggies and make sure I had enough protein (I have casually watched my calories). LOVE and GOD did it. I am totally serious! Love and God.

I finally put up my full length mirror..against a door I never use. tongue emoticon Come to find out it didn't come with anything to hang from so I need to put some on it...then put holes in the door" Hmm. Thinking about solutions for that. Anyway, I AM LOVING it. I had a really transformational experience doing one of the exercises with ‪#‎Ilovemybodydiet‬ and for the first time in a really long time (maybe ever) I am looking at my body, as it is, without pretending or imagining it different and really appreciating an loving it. I love how I look in my full length mirror. When was last time you heard that or said it to anyone?

I had the BEST breakthrough doing these pics. I could only see myself beautiful for the last many years by trying to feel what it's like to be thin. I absolutely LOVE my body! I have a smoking' hot body! I see every inch of me, every pound of me and I have a gorgeous body.

I came to an awareness that my years of being without my husband (he works away from home most of the time) have helped me be more whole in myself. I learned to give myself the things I'd want someone to give taking myself out to eat, giving myself a gift of a massage, waxing, mani's and pedis, etc. When Selena Gomez came out with that song "Lovesong" I sang it to myself about myself. I am in love with myself. Then we could also soy that I've been a bit of an abusive companion because I have heaped a lot of shame, blame, and hatred on myself too. So, I'm becoming a better lover to myself.

Now, to get better at that all the time, not just when he's gone. I am happier in some ways when he's gone and it's because I honor me more.

I LOVE my body. There is creativity, beauty, happiness and compassion in it. These values flow through me, like a waterfall of light they enliven and envigorate me. They support the unfoldment of my greatest purpose.

I have had the privilege of being the creative passage for five children. Five human beings have been created and developed within me. My body still participates in the creation of their lives as I nurture and care for them each day.

I am beautiful. My body is a filter through which my spirit expresses itself. The beauty of my soul can be easily seen through my body, if I look to see it. It is most easily seen through my eyes, but also through my smile, the way I move and the things I say. My body was specifically designed and created by God as the perfect companion and helpmeet of my spirit. My body shows much of the experience of my life, a picture that through Christ is breathtakingly overwhelming. My body is beautiful and tells the story of my life.

I am happy. Happiness is my natural state, under all the baggage I’ve carried and masks I’ve worn. I have a sparkle and lightness in me that bubbles up and overflows. I was made to be happy and to laugh. Joy and laughter are the precious gifts of my mortal existance, in God I find them revealed and magnified.

I am compassionate. I feel in my heart, in my head and my solar plexus the heartache of others and am moved to help in the ways that are most loving. Compassion enables me to be present with God to know what is best to do in any situation. I am tender and merciful.

I love my body! There is creativity, beauty, happiness and compassion in it.

Adam & Eve, My Husband & I, God and Me, Me

I was talking to someone about symbols the other day, specifically about 11:11 it started as 11:56 and my brain quickly brought up that 11:56 was also 11:11 because 5-6 is 11. Anyway that led into some awesome discussion about god in earth, and how Christ on earth and God in us is the ultimate expression of God in Earth. 1= God and 4 = earth four ones is God in earth, in us, Christ in Earth. Then it lead to synchronicity. Christ creates synchronicity between God and us....

Also around the same few days, I have been thinking about spirit and body, Adam and Eve. When I studied women and their roles outlined in the bible I saw that what I THOUGHT was cultural was actually doctrinal, if it is doctrinal it is always bringing me closer to God and He wants me to do it. So, though I have always been strong-willed an stubborn and independent, I began to submit to my husband and really take on the role of being helpmeet (lest there be misunderstanding this did not make me a silent partner, just a more flexible and willing one...AND one who sometimes submitted when I knew I was right trusting in God to correct it because of my obedience.) Submitting to my husband was really about submitting to God. In order for me to submit to my husband I HAD to have faith that God would take care of me because sometimes my fabulous husband is imperfect (like me and everyone else). I noticed that I got much closer to God when I put myself into the space of submitting.

AWESOME! What does it have to do with 11:11, God in us, Adam and Eve and synchronicity? I'll tell you.

I have been pondering about the symbolism of Adam and Eve as it relates to each of us. I have been pondering, body and spirit, which one is represented by Adam, and which by Eve. I believe Adam represents the Sprit and Eve the body. As our spirits are obedient to God our body must submit, trusting that through God the outcome will be right because the body cannot see what the spirit sees, it can only feel the warmth or lack thereof of the Holy Ghost. First the spirit was created , then the body (first Adam and then Eve). Our relationship with our bodies is a relationship indeed. And the management of our bodies via our spirits is meant to be as Christ is with us, " By pureness, by knowledge, by longsuffering, by kindness, by the Holy Ghost, by love unfeigned,"(2 Corinthians 6:6) ALL the scriptures about how a husband should treat a wife are also about how we should treat our bodies. All the scriptures about how wives should treat husbands are also about how our bodies submit to our spirits. Our spirits and bodies are only temporarily united, only through the resurrection can they be made one. Only through Christ. 11:11 is Christ. Christ is the path to God in us and in making us ONE...or God.

Adam is also “Mankind” “Eve” is living. In some ways, though our spirit existed before, it was not fully living until it had that body, and the body without the spirit is not living either.

The rib, from which the body came signifies equality. I compared different types of equality. Different types of companionships. Soldiers have a great sense of brotherhood, they will lay down their lives for each other, but the companionship suggested by the rib(that which protects the inside, the core and heart of a person) indicates that he lays down not only his life, but his heart for her. That is much deeper than a sense of equality that merely garnets equal treatment. The intimacy of the rib signifies loving, intimate treatment and the deepest trust there is. There is incredible insight in this for both the spirit and body relationship and the male and female relationship according to God.

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