Thursday, May 4, 2017

Lightening Our Burdens

I let go of the idea, years ago, that in oder to be beautiful I had to be skinny. I let go of the idea that in order to be lovable I had to weight a certain small weight. I let go of the idea that my happiness depended on a low weight. But the truth is that the exa weight I carry is an unnecessary and heavy burden on my organs. It is a form of self hatred and punishment to carry extra weight. It is a form of self muzzling to stuff emotions, feelings, thoughts, etc. with food. In some ways eating in ways that cause weight gain or the retention of extra weight are a slow suicide. No one needs to be thin to be loved, but removing excess weight is a LIBERATING form of self love and self respect.

One thing that has surprised me is the amount of things I had forgotten that I used to do before I was too heavy. I know that I could have more joy in my life and be a greater support to my family's joy if I shed the extra weight I am carrying. I also know that it will be a great blessing to myself..just to be free of the extra, unneeded mass.

I love the term, "releasing weight" or "releasing mass". I own the weight I carry right now, but I am re-leasing it to God. I am signing it over to Him. and now, my job is to be open to what He says is the best way for me to reclaim a healthy body and keep my thoughts and feelings clear of beliefs that will keep me from letting God empower me in this endeavor.

With that goal in mind I have created this audio of beliefs to integrate into myself to help me allow the weight and mass to leave me and embrace the joy and freedom of my healthy body.

If you want help tuning your mind, thoughts, feelings, and emotions into your success and freeing up your body for more activities, more joys and more possibilities, enjoy the following MP3!

Weight and Mass Re-Lease Declarations (Email for the link)

Liz King Bradley

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