Thursday, May 4, 2017

Money is One of God's Blessings

The love of money is the root of many evils, but the reverence for it as a gift from God is the key accepting it into your life. Gratitude to God for it is as important as gratitude for everything else He's blessed us with. But when we want money, don't we really want what money can provide?  The sentence to complete may be "I want money so I can........" If we look at the real goal that we want that is behind money it may be easier to recognize if/when God sends those blessings in some other way.

The ideas we have about money determine if and how much we allow of it into our lives. If we think we don't deserve it or think it is bad we will reject it on a continual basis and believe we are righteous for doing so. Yet, money, of itself is only a tool and throughout the bible there are stories of how God blessed his servants with richness, Job, Abraham, Israel as a nation.

Loving money as a gift from God is called : gratitude. If you are struggling with money, or success in business and life, consider the idea that you might be missing opportunities to bring abundance into your life and your family's life because you believe money is bad. Food, clothing, shelter, family vacations, charitable contributions, etc. are all good and money is usually the resource exchanged for these things, so money can be good. Money is as good or as bad as what we use it for.

Money, like a spoon, shovel, pencil, computer, freeway, vehicle, etc. is a tool and is as good or as bad as the person using it.

Allow God to bless you with abundance in your life and be a conduit for good.

Liz King Bradley

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