Thursday, May 4, 2017

My God is a Creator of Change

I believe in a God that provides space for change. Older modern science has claimed that once certain connections have been made in the brain, the damage is done and there's no hope for correction. That's why medication is used so widely without rescripting. (I wonder sometimes why Christians who believe "I can do ALL things trhough Christ which strengtheneth me."[Philippians 4:13] don't stop and think that they cannot believe that assertion of modern science and the scripture I just quoted at the same time. They are completely contradictory.) In addition, many people who have not experienced trauma and recovery cannot imagine being able to survive it, let alone recover from it, so they provide sources for coping with instead of recovery from trauma.

My message is simple: Christ's suffering for us, and God's power extended to us through that at-one-ment (atonement) is sufficient to heal all who learn to accept it, and God desires this HAPPINESS for all. My God, who provided a Savior to create a doorway to change, a bridge to close the gap between what we have taken on and who we really are (God's children with divinity in us) has the power to heal and reconfigure faulty connections in the human mind, and the rest of the body as well as the spirit. Many times when I speak of healing through Faith in Christ people (Christians included) will say "It is a real, physical problem." So, are they saying that only imagined or non-physical problems can be healed through Christ? It is real, that doesn't mean it can't be healed by faith and God's power to heal. Blindness is also real and physical, yet Jesus healed many blind, leprosy is also a real disease and Jesus healed the leper too. The fact that I can now see and live in the light is proof that the healing I speak of works.

In the creation of the world as a place for His children to live, grow, and learn, in His infinite wisdom, God, created systems for support and healing. This healing and the source of it is Jesus Christ. What many call Life Force, I believe is the Light of Christ which is given to all and surrounds all. Through this light wounds are healed, needs are provided for and lessons are learned. All of what we do in the way of surgery and antibiotics is to create a situation conducive to allow the body to heal. Modern science has discovered and documented through cameras an "energetic field" that surrounds each of us and connects all things to each other. The power we have in thought and words works through this energetic field that has is activated by faith, or otherwords by whatever we are most convinced of. Further study revealed that one of the most powerful feelings for creating a healthy energy (which leads to a healthy body) is gratitude. Hasn't God told us since the beginning to have faith and to be grateful in all things? He was telling us not only His will, but the key to happiness and health in life and overcoming all things. Belief in misery leads to misery, belief in joy leads to joy -we attract all these things to us as we continually send out messages through this field. Even Job stated that the things he feared most came upon him. If the belief in the core of us is that we are broken, we will continue to be ill, and it will manifest wherever will get our attention the best.

So how do we change our signals?

The simplest explanation is that we identify the false belief and rescript it.

If you want to know what you really believe, what you REALLY believe, not what you think you believe, look around you. The three best indicators are money, health, and relationships. If you are broke, there is something broken in your belief about money that leads to decisions that bring you the result that your faith in lack of money brought to pass. Your body is often your spirit's megaphone trying to get your attention. Are your chemicals out of balance because something else in your life is out of balance? Are the chemical or hormonal imbalances your core being trying to alert you to take action and get back in balance? Is your desparate need of understanding from your spouse really your inner truth trying to get you to listen to intuition? Do others disregard your input because you place little value on it yourself? Are you subconsciously telling people to ignore you?

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of possibilities, just a little something to get you thinking. It is easier to have faith and trust in God when our brainpower is not occupied in blaming others and feeling sorry for ourselves. What we focus on we get more of, focusing on our divine nature and value brings us closer to the source of that divine nature and value. Focussing on unworthiness, sin, etc. puts up barriers to connection with that same source and pushes us away. As we put our faith and trust in God we are given the strength to look at ourselves without excuse and without shame and acknowledge what needs to be changed. Like the child who can confront a person who intimidates them if their loving parent goes with them, we can confront the darkness we have picked up in this sometimes scary world and it is dissolved in the pure light of truth and love of God that has been extended to us through Christ.

A great key to this is in correlation to the New Testament where, at the last supper, Jesus says that one of the apostles will betray him and each of the apostles said "Lord, is it I?" When we look at our surroundings and the circumstances of our life and ask "Lord, is it I?" we place ourselves in a position of incredible power. We place ourselves in position to RECEIVE wisdom, healing, strength, courage , and LOVE from God. I LOVE the correction of God, because with it there is always an added measure of love. As I become willing, I become open and the light just pours in. That light and love are always given, but only as we look at our life and begin to own it, recognize our part in it, do we open ourselves to the beauty of it. Simultaneously as we are corrected the clutter around the truth disappears and we have purity of ideas, thoughts, and feelings. So many times the false beliefs are intertwined with truth and opening ourselves up to THE LIGHT by taking accountability and action releases the false and only the pure truth remains. It is through Christ this change can occur even with all we can do, all that He requires.

When I was about 27 years old I found out that my pelvic floor muscle (which supports all the organs especially the uterus, rectum, and bladder) was stretched out. I further found out that my uterus was basically a soggy mass. Having developed a deep appreciation and reverence for the gift, ability and privilege of having children I was somewhat devastated. I did years of physical therapy to help my pelvic floor recover, and successfully rehabilitated it. It is still stretched out, but I learned to coordinate it with other abdominal muscles to compensate. The uterus, I had to have removed. During the months leading up to this I did a lot of emotional work to clear the baggage I had stored there that killed it. (This was a theory confirmed by my doctors, who told me that many-even most- women who have these issues have trauma from childhood to recover from,I believe this can even be the deep fear that can come over a person who knows another who experiences it.) In learning to release the physical pain from chronic cramping as my uterus tried to do it's job and tighten up I learned how to truly lay myself in the care of my Saviour and accept the healing and light He has for me. I learned how He surrounds us in His love and His light while we walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I faced that valley in physical pain and emotional pain as well as the demons of the past rose up to face me again. As I relived the trauma from my youth that was inside the pain I felt the deep peace and warmth of God. The pain would subside once I had faced the fear, shame, anger, feelings of abandonment and self hatred, that surrounded the pst experience. I prayed for knowledge of what to do to heal, having faith that God could do it. For reasons of God's own, the removal of my uterus was still required. I experienced great things in that surgery, things that have reassured and comforted me over and over again. I realized through sacred, personal experience that I am never really alone, whether I see the support with my physical eyes or not. Through faith in Christ and knowledge of the power of spiritual vision or visualization I have been able to release a lifetime of unhappiness, and to access and behold the divine beauty of the life I was given and the gifts of love that I received during and through the traumatic events, and they are not traumatic to me anymore, but have become sacred gifts of wisdom and love from my Father- who I now know always knows best.

I am grateful for skilled surgeons and other competent medical caregivers, especially those who follow divine instinct through the filter of their medical knowledge. Even more, I am grateful for the healing that came from Christ and continues to bless me and my family. I was blessed not to have need of corrective surgery in my other organs which would have been an even more painful and longer recovery. Other illnesses I have been able to heal from through energetic systems of healing, through faith in God and the temple-body he created for me to carry me through my mission on Earth and provide necessary experiences for growth. God is more powerful than anything, anything I am called to bear is a gift, I seek the God in all my experiences and He makes himself known.

Trust in Christ-Live Happy Now


Liz King Bradley

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