Thursday, May 4, 2017

My Nature is Divine

I grew up singing a song called "I am a Child of God". So did most of my friends. We know the words by heart. We used it to answer the question "Who are you?" throughout young years, teen years, and adulthood. Yet many of us, myself included, had somehow a skewed vision of what that meant for us. I felt that much was expected, but that not much was present. Part of me believed that my feelings of inadequacy and low self worth made me more righteous, maybe humble. I see this in the eyes and hear it in the conversation of so many women, men too, but my primary focus is women. Why would God reveal to us in scripture since the beginning of scriptural record that we are His children? Why does it matter enough to be preserved and repeated through the ages? Sometimes it seems like women think "So what, if I'm a daughter of God?" Is it possible that when the same people who teach us we are children of God treat us like we are nothing special we teach the being a child of God is nothing special? I don't want the focus to turn to our parents, we are responsible for our own well-being. I bring this up for consideration of ourselves AS parents and as a way to divide the untruth from the truth. When we see ourselves as nothing special, we treat our children-as our fruit-as nothing special. The word Genshai, comes to mind again. The word Genshai means to never treat anyone in a way that makes them feel small. In my words it means to always treat everyone as divine, children of God-beginning with ourselves. Here are my memory Jogger Questions for you today:

What does being a child of God really mean to you, personally?

How does that effect the way you handle a challenge?

How does it effect what you believe yourself capable of?

Knowing this, what step are you taking consistently to remember who you are?


Liz King Bradley

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