Thursday, May 4, 2017

Savor The Moments

In a marriage there are moments.

Moments of sadness, moments of betrayal, moments of joy, moments of oneness, moments, of resentment.

The moment I had today was a moment of truth. I want to be seen for my whole self, so I need to be capable of the absolute vulnerability of showing a moment of truth I heard my soul cry out "How can I show more, when what little I show is rejected, taken for granted, forgotten?" Isn't that the fear that keeps us living as a fragment of ourselves?

The pain of being rejected in only a fraction of ourselves is safer than the pain of being rejected in wholeness. But until we step out of the shell, reveal who we are we live in a cage whose lock is our fear and whose guard is our own rejection of that part we will not let out. What people reject is the puppet we project as ourselves when we are to afraid to come out.

The pain is not that others have rejected us, but that we have not yet accepted ourselves as a whole. This acceptance is a gift that the atonement gives us, it empowers us to forgive, love, and accept ourselves while we are in a very flawed state in our progress. When we accept and embrace ourselves through Jesus Christ and allow ourselves to shine, regardless of who else approves of us, we are free. We are then free to love, free to thrive, and free to live a whole life.

How do I know? Because of the moments, the moments of wholeness, and complete love and acceptance.

Liz King Bradley

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