Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sparkling Wisdom of Butterflies

Influential Incidence When we lived in Vero Beach, FL we had a bunch of bushes along the front of our porch. When it was time, we had a lot of chrysalis(es) hanging from branches and from the siding on the house. My children and I were blessed to be out there the day they were coming out.
We saw some that were all the way out, but just barely.
We saw others that were about half way out, and still others that were juuust barely starting to peep out.

A Marriage of Courage and Vulnerability When the butterflies come out of the Chrysalis they are completely vulnerable for hours. Their wings are wet and they cannot fly, the weight of the wings and body are heavy for their legs.

Butterflies are some of the strongest and gustiest creatures. They come out vulnerable and defenseless, they don't wait until it's all perfect and they feel impervious and powerful to emerge, they simply emerge when it's time and in so doing begin the process of preparing to fly.

Simple Truth I love butterflies, perhaps God knew they would provide me with the metaphors I have needed so many times in life to be strong, but delicate, to be bold and vulnerable, to retreat into safety for nourishment and growth at times to prepare for the next phase, and to come out-not when it is safe, but when it is time.

Life is a process. Sometimes it's time to protect and recover, sometimes it's time to step out cautiously but courageously, and sometimes to just step out. It's that simple.

(For a great perspective on different stages of growth, check out this Video on YouTube by Marnie Pehrson of,, etc.)

Liz King Bradley

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