Thursday, May 4, 2017

That's Not Who I Am

As one who has suffered horrible things and has grown to praise God for His hand in my life and the things I have learned because of those experience, I can say that while I would not take away those experiences that taught me forgiveness, compassion, and true love- my struggles, my experiences- the things that make me different- are not my identity. My identity lies much deeper and profound than that. Before I ever chose a sexual preference...or felt one, I had an identity.

Before I ever came from my mother's womb, I had an identity. The struggles, the temptations, the trials, the victories, etc. are all layers on top of my identity..masks even. My prayer is not to be accepted for my differences, but to accept myself and recognize the differences between who that is and who that is not. What I see is in this talk is the heartache of a person who defends the only identity he knows he has, not necessarily the one he is.

It was tempting while watching this talk to set aside what God told me about right and wrong for the idea that however a person is is their identity. Ok. You may embrace you struggles, etc. as who you are, but I can love and accept you for something deeper and truer and more lasting. It is the knowledge that we are something deeper that empowers us to be united. All the struggles, preferences, etc. are our differences, focusing on them can only divide. IF we really want unity, mutual respect and love identity has to be based on something greater and deeper than “the sum total of our experience”.

Don’t kill
Don’t lie
Don’t cheat
Be kind
Forgive each other

All these rules presuppose a REASON. What is the REASON?

It is because we are born to be treated with love, kindness, respect, mercy. But WHy? Because we are something great. Why? Because there is goodness and greatness in us. Why? Because God is our father, and Because we are all brothers and sisters and because he loves all His children he desires us to live peaceably.

That’s who I am, that’s my identity; I am a child of God- His daughter.

Find Your Truth, Love Yourself, Live Your Life

Liz King Bradley

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