Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Most Loving Mothers

The most loving mothers in the world....

INSIST kids do chores

because doing it themselves is easier, but teaching kids empowers them and builds within them the pattern of creation: taking chaos and bringing order.

...and because when life smacks you down and you feel like a failure, being able to return to the basic things and accomplish something reminds you that YOU CAN. (Conquering small things like cleaning the toilet, organizing a room, etc. can remind you your not the worthless piece of trash you feel like when something like unemployment or other major set backs occur. While being unable to do simple things without someone telling you step by step how to do them can lead to feeling utterly useless...feeling confident in basic skills can set the foundation for building complex ones that help you navigate adult life with competence and certainty.)

AND they are not just happy with whatever kids do, they do quality control because they believe in their BEST even when they want to do their least. They may say it kindly, but they will say "Go back and make it shine!" <3

Why are mom's with high expectations the greatest blessing there is?

Because moms' with high expectations are constantly saying "You are more than you think you are and I want to help you manifest your fullness, your greatness."

It's never been high expectations that have robed us of joy, only our lack of mercy when we fall short. High expectations + determination and mercy = The GREATEST Possible Fulfillment. Whereas low expectations + excuses = mediocrity, depression and say nothing of a predisposition toward addiction as they seek to fill the void left by the unmet potential.

I think the greatest thing we can do for our kids when they tell us their least is their best is remind them that they are more than they think they are by insisting they take it a step up. Is it really compassion to believe a persons excuse for failure? Or is that really just another way of saying "You're right, you're impotent and cannot possibly be expected to succeed."

Isn't it more empowering and LOVING to insist our children keep moving forward and not buy into their feelings of being less adequate?

Liz King Bradley

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