Thursday, May 4, 2017

Waiting to Die- fulfillment at-a-glance.

~How many of us are just waiting to die?......checking things off a list, going along day to day just going through motions, following patterns?

~On the other hand, how many of us are LIVING each day meaningfully, creating loving relationships and lasting connections?

Jeffery C. Olsen, author of "I Knew Their Hearts" says that what he learned from dieing and coming back was to question "To what degree have I learned to love?" The fulfilled life is the one filled with love. The satisfying life is the one spent in true, selfless service. Love that asks "What is right?" not "What can I do to get the love and understanding I need?"

To what degree are we learning to love unconditionally? Are we building love within our families and communities? How are we bringing peace and light to the world? Are we learning to love unconditionally.

The problems we face as we create a deeper love and connection are fear and low-selfworth. Fear suffocates love, and faith in God opens the door for us to love more completely. As we make decisions from fear we put up walls that keep us "safe", but not connected, "right" but not unified. As we turn to God, we stop turning to others to make us whole, to fill our needs, and make us enough. As we clear away the clutter of blame, resentment, fear, justification, jealousy, etc., we begin to see them for who they really are and are enabled to LOVE them, whether they ever become what we think they "should". Our biggest fear is that we are not enough, and as long as we look to others to prove that we are we cannot see them for who THEY are.

Placing our needs and feelings on anothers shoulder is expecting them to carry an unbearable burden. As we seek to fill the emptiness within, we place heavy burdens on our friends and family and when they can't carry it, we resent them. No wonder people begin to turn away, not out of not loving enough, but because as much as they'd like to they can't make us better. Some turn away resentful at the burdens we placed, and others because they too believe they should be able to meet them, and not being able to they run from the guilt and anguish of feeling a failure or not "enough" as a person. Only God can help you know you are enough, but it takes faith to accept that too.

So what do I do when I don't love myself, I'm afraid of the connection I desperately seek, and I don't have faith in God?
Start with gratitude.

It is so simple that we usually look past it, seeking for something bigger, brighter, or more profound. Yet, it is the bridge back to connection, trust, love, forgiveness, and worth. Gratitude acknowledges what is already good and opens our minds and hearts to the possibility of more good to come. As we begin to acknowledge what God has already done and what we already have our hearts soften, our minds open, and we have space at least for the hope of God's love and presence in our lives.

What can be more healing than to know that God is mindful of YOU, of US? I am a Christian, I believe in God and I believe he is the father of my spirit and that when this life ends for me I will return to Him. I am His daughter and he loves me. WOW! Do you feel the power of that?

I know who I am, I know that God will teach me as I am! And with each step He offers me His love. When I stand in the light He offers me, when I embrace the truth of my being, the truth that there is good , GOD, in me and that he loves me and forgives me, I no longer need to protect myself from anyone. I no longer need the shields and barriers I once used because HE is my protection. I'm no longer waiting for the people I love to become the people that meet my needs, I meet my own and let God make up the difference for the rest and what my friends and family do or don't do is a welcome gift, a bonus, not an obligation or a devastation.

How does knowing who you are help YOU overcome the fears and resentments in your relationships?

Please leave comments below, I really want to know!

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Liz King Bradley

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