Thursday, May 4, 2017

Women After God's Own Heart

Have you ever wondered, "What does God expect of me as a Christian Woman?" Besides Proverbs 31, the scriptures are overflowing with praise of certain women and suggestions for what the Godly woman is like. In seeking to "measure up" we position ourselves before God, having hit against the brick wall of our own humanity, humble and ready to receive His love, guidance and support. If we never try the standards we never get to feel His loving reassurance when we fail. The standards, then, are given to help us remember God, and to remember the God in us. As we stand before Him in full accountability we we remove the barriers of excuses, accusations, and entitlement open to receive all the love, acceptance, and guidance God, Our FATHER, desires to impart to us. In our "failures" we remember our need for God, in seeking from God what we lack, we are shown the divine truth of who we are in connection to Him. What a great gift sets of standards that are humanly impossible to keep perfectly in that they help us open our souls to the divine source that will help us to one day overcome all things.

This morning as I lay in bed feeling perfect connection in myself with God, life, and my spouse the picture came into my mind of the most serene sunset...I have never seen with my physical eyes. Sunset on the beach is the perfect metaphor for the divine and empowering connection we seek. The water connects to the land and the sun connects to the water and shines across it to the land. As that sun connects and further illuminates it is simultaneously leading us to a new beginning, after all nighttime is simply the transition into a new day and a new beginning.

One of the gifts God gave to help us connect to Him is weakness. How wonderous is God that He created the perfect learning environment for us and supports and strengthens us as we turn to him!


Liz King Bradley

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