Thursday, May 4, 2017


.....and we don't need the media, or a paycheck to tell us that! We are born that way!

It is sad that few women view themselves as valuable and powerful. It is sadder that there is an assumption that that power and value MUST be expressed in the workplace, in fact that if it isn't being expressed in the workplace it is not being expressed. It is so SAD that the POWER of being a dynamic mother and wife, the POWER of being the friend on the phone, the POWER of being fully present and engaged in the home has been forgotten. When I die I don't care if CNN says anything, but I hope there will be a long line of my posterity rising up to call me blessed because I embraced the power of my womanhood and motherhood and made a significant difference to them. In knowing who I am I can be the GREATEST influence to the up and coming generation. The woman I dream of being is so passionately focussed one the individual needs of her family that it radiates out and touches the lives of others for generations.

I am SO tired of the "Women are Picked On in Society" victim story. It's always masquerading as a message of empowerment, but it's really a victim story. The fact is that women are portrayed in media and other places as sex objects because WOMEN ARE POSING as sex objects. If we are going to categorize it, it is WOMEN doing this to WOMEN, to ourselves. The fact that more men are in government leadership than women is not evidence to support that women are misused or undervalued. It is evidence that some women believe that their greatest power is in the home. This is NOT a demotion.

If you're a stay at home mom wondering about your worth, value, and efficacy why does a woman in a business suit and a title besides "Mom", "Mother", "Mama", or your given name, and the appearance of success have the power to devalue you? She doesn't unless YOU believe the lie that you are inferior. Our Mother Eve stepped out courageously in order to have children. She knowingly stepped out of a utopian existance to create the space for us to be born and to learn and grow. Now several thousand years later we are putting aside the responsibilities in the home "to go out there and find fulfillment".

I am saying that the women who chose to be in their homes, with that as their primary and sole (soul) purpose are not undervaluing themselves or shortchanging themselves, or put upon by society, men, and their children. I believe in a living and loving God who created women equal to men and blessed women with the DIVINE gift of bearing, bringing forth and raising children.

The woman who choses to be the powerful force for good in her home and puts off a career still has the chance for that career when more important things are complete. In this life, time is limited and childbearing years are limited. Children grow up fast and our ovaries don't stay healthy and fertile forever, there is a time limit. Jobs and careers can wait. The most important spiritual contracts we have are the ones God places within our hearts and abdomens. Perhaps the reason the same number of boys as girls want to be president when they grow up but no women have become president is that they have felt a stirring within them, as I have, that something was more important and even more impactful than being the leader of a country was possible for them. Name one male that has had a child, that has actually created another human being within their own body? We have never been shortchanged, but we continue to perpetuate this victim story generation after generation.

Either we are powerless victims or powerful creators. I believe we are powerful creators. My success or failure in this life is not determined by how the media portrays women, but how I express myself. My success and proof of my impact is not determined by the money I receive or don't receive. Truthfully I believe what really holds women back is the belief that something OUT THERE (media, etc.) is holding them back.

Mamas Take back your power by seeing that it is there!

Liz King Bradley

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