Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Willing Follower of Christ

You know when you have a personal trainer, and you love/hate them because they are causing you to do things that are painful, but you KNOW they are helping you? Why is it that we want to deny that God (and this is according to His own words) wounds us, and heals us. We go to surgeons and have them cut us open (wound us) and let them sew us up, but we want to pretend that God would never, effectually cut us open, fix what is wrong and heal us up. We let a surgeon cut and sew, but we think God should be strictly for comfort and condolence.
Yes, there is a difference between a wound we cause by sin or one caused by sins against us. But, if we believe the scripture is God's word, we must admit that God DOES wound us, AND that he heals us.
I know I have been wounded by God, it is not always easy and comforting to hear his words, many times they sear through us, dividing our errors and fallacies from truth. There are wounds, we feel like we have been cut open and chunks cut out and we want to turn from HIm. But if we stay, if we turn INTO Him, we are healed, and we find that the missing chunks were never part of who we really are.....we were just very used to them.
We cling to our sins, our justifications, our will....but God often takes from us the very things we think elevate us, and reminds us that He is God. It's never for the sake of boasting, but because without relying on Him, there is no hope for us.
He wounds, and he heals, he kills and makes alive, and NO-ONE can take us from Him (except we choose to leave), and no-one can escape His judgements. But in the end, all will be revealed and when it is, we will all know that His was the right way.
I WANT Him to kill in me what is killing me, I want Him to heal in me what is sick-whether in sin or pain. I want Him to make me truly alive. I want Him to cling to me with all of HIS strength, because -as strong as I am- it is HIS strength that will carry my through this life and into His arms in the next.