Friday, May 19, 2017

What is THE hardest Pit to Get out of?

Without a doubt the WORSTE predicament I have ever found myself in is SELF PITty.  It is that place where everything in life is happening to me, I am simply coping with what has come instead of actively using my ability and gift to chose to create things in my life.  It is that place where I am such a "good sport".  I can really "make due".  I am "doing my best with the hand I've been given".  There is a big difference between "I am using all the resources I posses to create the resources I lack and to further create what I want." and "Well, I just have to do the best with what I've got."  as if what I've got has nothing to do with my own choices, as if I have not choice or power to do something else.

  The idea of making the best of what I have is a GREAT place to start, it's WAY better than the idea that since I believe all my issues were thrust upon me I will do nothing to create a solution. Yet, it is a serious trap.  Isn't that what it really means to believe we are prewired genetically, and there is no epigenetic solution?

If I were only a body, that could be true, but since I am a spirit within a body, I have epigenetic control.  I don't have to be a slave to my biology.  That's why it matters that I am a daughter of God.  It means I have choices and I'm not stuck with all the hands I've been dealt.  Obviously, I do not know how to grow new limbs, etc.  But when it comes to many physical issues, I have a lot more control, just my making better choices for myself.

God has the keys that unlock the power to change my life. He uses them in my behalf, I have to ask, seek them out, and walk through the doors when He opens them.